Lessons I Learned From My Cat

Cats can be wonderful teachers. For people like me who are visual learners, the non-verbal lessons from a kitty can be the best ways to learn about the good things in life.

Every day, these furry scholars set examples of how to live a tranquil and stress free life:

Always look on the bright side…and find the sunny window:

Start your day with a relaxing bath:

Take time to relax and enjoy your favorite things:

Spend time with friends:

Most importantly, always relax and enjoy:

Is your cat a good teacher? What are some things your cat has taught you?


20 thoughts on “Lessons I Learned From My Cat

  1. My cat has taught me to be assertive in asking for want you want. (she is passive aggressive, too, sometimes, like when she wants me to get off the phone and destroys my room). But for the most part, if she wants to eat, she tells me, if she wants affection, she tells me, never worrying about rejection. We could ALL learn a lesson from that. I’m going to tweet your post and hashtag it #MondayBlogs. Hopefully, they (and maybe others with the hashtag) will RT it:)

  2. Mom says that we have taught her so much about relaxing and taking it easy! She gets very busy with all of her jobs, and we help her to slow down. We kitties are good at that!!!

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