Everyday Items That Are Safe Toys For Cats

Cats are very curious and many love to play. However, what humans think is a cat toy and a cat’s definition of a toy is usually very different. Instead of going to the pet store to purchase something labeled a “cat toy” search you home for these everyday objects your kitty is sure to love:

Hair Ties: My cat’s personal favorite. Violet is not choosy on size, color, or texture – she loves them all!

Boxes: Have you ever heard of a cat who can resist a box?

Kitty in box

Socks: Another one of Violet’s personal favorites. She has been known to steal them right out of the laundry so I got her some of her very own.

Balls of paper: They crinkle, move and cats love them. And they are too big to fit under the couch!

What are some of your cat’s favorite “toys”?

This post is part of the A-Z Blogging Challenge!

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5 thoughts on “Everyday Items That Are Safe Toys For Cats

  1. It’s a bit like children. Which child doesn’t like playing with ‘housey’ stuff and a cardboard box is just a joy to them. A home made hiding den is so much more fun than spending loads of dosh on a branded plastic thing. Great post!

  2. Hehe very cool read! I’ve noticed that cats love hanging out in boxes lol. I actually witnessed a cat sniff out my purse for a little while, then she hopped right in and was hanging out. Lol too adorable. Thank you for sharing this! Keep up the awesome posts šŸ™‚ Henry

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