Does My Cat Sleep Too Much?


Lady Sleeping

If you cat’s favorite activity is sleeping, it may be comforting to know that on average cats sleep about 12 – 16 hours a day. For human standards that’s a lot of sleep but for felines it’s perfectly acceptable. Factor in that cats are nocturnal animals and you begin to realize that kitty may be living a busy life while you are asleep. However, that does not mean they should not be active, engaged, and alert during daytime hours as well.

Unless your cat suddenly has a change in sleeping patterns that include sleeping more there is no reason for concern. However, if kitty’s change in sleep pattern is combines with a loss of appetite there may be an underlining medical issue. Changes such as these that linger for more than a day or two may be a sign of illness and would require a visit to the vet.

Once an adult, an indoor cat will gradually become more and more sedative as they age. Indoor cats often lack reason to engage in play or activities and as a result they may become withdrawn. Cats need social interaction and mental stimulation to keep their minds active and their bodies healthy. Living outdoors in their natural environment they need to catch food, climb trees, and have opportunity to run and exercise. When living strictly indoors with all their needs taken care of none of this natural activity is necessary causing them to live a lifestyle that is not particularly healthy.

Providing a variety of cat-safe toys will keep kitty’s mind sharp and providing safe and acceptable climbing spots and perches will provide exercise. “Toys” for a cat can mean a variety of different things (my cat Violet loves socks and hair ties) and you can be creative to find other common objects that are safe for your cat that they would enjoy. Boxes, which satisfies a cat’s need to jump, hide, and explore, are usually on the top of the “best toy” list for many cats. Another favorite is a perch in a window with a view, particularly one that requires climbing to access.

Spending quality time with kitty during the daytime hours is a great way to keep them happy and healthy. It may even prompt them to sleep more during the nighttime hours putting them more in sync with the humans in their lives.

What are some of your cat’s favorite toys and activities?


8 thoughts on “Does My Cat Sleep Too Much?

  1. Both sleep and play are important for kitties! My cats love interactive toys like wand toys and peacock feathers. Manna will play with almost anything. Cinco prefers large catnip toys that don’t make much noise. 🙂

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