How I Discovered Life’s Abundance Cat Food

Do you read the ingredient list of your cat’s food? What’s the best way to choose the safest and healthiest for your furry friend?

When my cat Cleo became suddenly very sick I was completely puzzled as to what had made her so ill. Her veterinarian determined she was suffering from kidney failure which is an extremely common ailment for cats. Sadly, Cleo did not survive and her sudden loss put me on a mission to determine what caused the damaged her kidneys that ultimately led to her death. It didn’t take me long to link her death to her food.

Through research I learned that corn in a cat’s diet will, over time, cause their kidneys to shut down. Read many commercial cat foods labels and corn is the number one ingredient. The ingredients in your cat’s food can have a huge impact on their health and well-being. It’s the combination of quality ingredients and the assurance that there are no potentially toxic ingredients. Often the effects of poor quality food is not immediately known but sometimes poor quality control lets severely toxic ingredients in the mix that could make kitty suddenly very ill – a tragedy that often results in a product recall.

LA Grain Free CatThis tragedy led me to do research to find the safest and healthiest food for my cats. My research led me to Life’s Abundance. Packed full of quality ingredients, vitamins, and antioxidants all their foods are complete nutrition for your pet. Incredibly, they have never had a recall.

When I visited their website for the first time I was amazed at all the information that was provided. Nutritional information, detailed ingredient analysis, and complete company history was all included and readily available. As an added bonus everything can be easily ordered on-line with two-day shipping and the autoship option has the benefit of wholesale prices.

Once I started feeding my pets Life’s Abundance I never looked back. I was so impressed by the food and the positive effects it had on my pet’s health I became an independent representative for the brand. It’s my way helping to spread the word of the importance of a healthy diet for your furry friends.

For more information on Life’s Abundance please visit my rep page at

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