How Do Cat’s Express Gratitude?

Cats have a reputation of being aloof. Many are but even the most appreciate what we do for them. They have their way of showing gratitude though often in very subtle ways.

Cats can be quite picky about what they eat and often turn up their nose at a bowl of food you put down for them. However, while you are preparing that food is kitty rubbing around your ankles? That is their way of saying thank you for feeding me (they may not eat it right away but maybe they don’t want to make their gratitude too obvious).

Does your kitty sit by you and purr? If a kitty thinks you may not feel well or just need a friend they will try to help with the healing powers of their purr. Perhaps this is their way of showing gratitude for all that you do for them.

Some cats can be rather vocal. Meows are their way of speaking to you, their human, as cats do not communicate amongst themselves in that manner. We may not speak their language but it is quite possible that when they are speaking to you they are thanking you letting you know they are happy to be your kitty.

What are some ways your cat show you their gratitude?

This point is part of the A-Z Blogging Challenge!

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7 thoughts on “How Do Cat’s Express Gratitude?

  1. None of my cats are lap cats – not in the slightest. So when they do sit on or near me, I treasure it so much! They are all very vocal though and they will usually answer when I talk to them. So I think that’s how they show their gratitude.

  2. My friend’s cats always greet me with purring and want to climb all over me, though I know that I must smell like my Rottweilers. Perhaps they’re just happy that I came to visit 🙂 Good luck with the rest of the AtoZchallenge.

  3. When I feed my cat wet food, BEFORE he tears into it like a while animal, he will ALWAYS first headbump my hand, sometimes he’ll lick me, then he’ll start eating. If that isn’t evidence of gratitude, what is?

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