4 Ways To Help Shelter Cats

When a cat’s life leads them to a shelter, and they are fortunate enough that it is a no-kill, it very likely that they will spend months if not years there. Adult cats are often overlooked in favor of kittens and may be more difficult to adopt out due to trust issues.  However, there are simple ways everyone can help to find these cats their forever homes.

Volunteer: Often cats find their way into a shelter because they were abandoned or turned in by people who no longer wanted to care for them. Other times, they are young cats who were born on the streets but are able to be transitioned to be a house cat. Theses cats need to rebuild their trust with humans and be socialized. Shelters rely on volunteers to visit and play with these kitties to help make them more adoptable. Something as simple as playing, holding, and interacting with these cats can be instrumental in helping them find homes.

Trap, Spay, Neuter: Ferals: many shelter cats are born outdoor in feral communities. They have a chance of becoming domesticated If rescued but older Ferals will usually spend their lives outdoors. Many rescue groups have TSR (trap, spay neuter) programs where they will assist in getting these cats spayed or neutered to keep done the population of the cat colonies. If you have cats living in your yard, or know of a feral cat colony, a cat rescue in your area can assist in the spay neuter process at little or no cost to you.

Spread The Word On-line: Social media posts are a great way to help shelter animals. Spreading the word of adoptable pets on-line is a great way to help homeless pets find their forever families. Posts like the “Find-a-Friend Friday” poses on The Paw Print Island spotlight adoptable pets waiting for adoption. Something as simple as a click of the mouse has the potential of being the only thing standing between a life in a shelter and a life with a loving family.

Welcome a Cat Into Your Home: If you are looking to welcome a kitty into your home you can save a life by adopting from a shelter or rescue. Consider adopting an adult cat. Adult cats make wonderful pets and companions.



Shiloh is waiting for his forever home. Read his story Here

Any way you choose to help shelter cats, or any shelter pets, will have a great impact on many of their lives.



2 thoughts on “4 Ways To Help Shelter Cats

  1. This is such a necessary post. I get so sad when I see cats in shelters. I currently have 2 cats, and both were adopted. I encourage everyone I meet to adopt a cat. 🙂

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