The Joy of Cat Rescue Adoption

All of my cats have been rescues. Most have been what I would call “young adult” cats. Not a tiny kitten but not yet full grown – at an age where their personality is evident but young enough to be playful and not completely set in their ways. The exception was my cat Violet, or “Kitty” which is the name she will actually respond to. When I adopted Violet she was a tiny willful kitten who, at the age of 10 weeks, had already survived almost insurmountable odds.


Looking for a new kitty to welcome to my family I was hoping to be able to know their story at the time of adoption. After visiting many shelters and rescues was introduced to a rescue organization who works with the feral cat communities to perform TNR. Usually, after learning of a colony of feral cats their rescuers would trap the ferals, spay/neuter them, then release them back to their outdoor home. If there was a pregnant cat, or small kittens, they would be kept at the shelter and those that could be socialized would be placed for adoption.

Violet’s experience was different. The rescue organization got a call about what they though were stray cats in need of TNR. However, when they arrived at the location the only cat they found was a tiny days old kitten. This was very odd because there is rarely only one kitten in a litter and there was no evidence of any others or of a mother cat. Additionally, she could not have been there for long since, at that age, a kitten can survive only a short time on their own.

Violet was brought back to the shelter, bottle fed, and raised by a very loving foster mom who gave her endless care and attention. Raised among humans she grew to be very comfortable being handled and as a result now craves attention. She enjoys belly rubs, is very social, and loves being the center of attention in a crowd. I am convinced she tries to speak and mimics human interaction (she will meow once after someone sneezes) and will vocalize her annoyance at being left alone for too long.  She was the inspiration for me starting to write this blog.

Do you know of a rescue cat with a story? Please share!

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One thought on “The Joy of Cat Rescue Adoption

  1. All my cats are recues too. Blackie, who is now 3 1/2, was adopted as a kitten. At the time I wanted to adopet an older cat, because I knew that most people don’t want older cats, but I had such a terrible schedule at work, that the best option was a kitten who would adapt to my routine.

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