Is Your Cat A Finicky Eater?

Hungry Kitty

Do you prepare your cats favorite meal (open a can and/or fill a bowl) just to have them turn up their nose and walk away? Perhaps they give the obligatory sniff and then look up at you as if to say “is that all you got?”. Cats are notorious picky eaters but what can you do to satisfy your cat’s finicky palate?

Choose high quality food: feeding kitty high quality food doesn’t mean you have to cook them a gourmet meal. Finding high quality food means simply reading the ingredient label and being mindful of what you are feeding kitty. Click Here for information on what you don’t want to see in your pet’s food.

Don’t give too many options: Putting out a well stocked display table of food out for your kitty will only confuse things. Kitty will continually be looking for something else you may be offering. Keep it simple by offering only one or two options.

Maybe it’s the bowl: Cats can have specific likes and dislikes. If kitty refuses to eat a certain food it may not be the meal at all, it could be the bowl. Simply changing what the meal is served in may make all the difference.

Change where dinner is served: Cats can be choosy as to where they eat their meal. Make sure they have enough room to be comfortable when eating and take notice of what is in their eating area. Many cats will not eat if their plate is in the vicinity of their litter box.

Is your cat a finicky eater? What are some ways you make their meals more appealing?

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5 thoughts on “Is Your Cat A Finicky Eater?

  1. My two definitely are – I have to change up their food occasionally as what they eat one day, they turn their noses up at the next. As they’ve gotten older, its a bit better, but they still have their days!

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