Protecting Your Cat From Ear Mites

Do you ever clean your cat’s ears? Cats may be very good at grooming and keeping themselves clean but sometimes they could use our help. One area in particular are their ears. If you see your cat frequently scratching their ears and shaking their head it may be a sign they have ear mites.

Ear mites are tiny parasites that could infest your cats ears. Outdoor cats are most susceptible but since the condition is highly contagious any cat can become infected. These tiny microscopic critters feed off wax and oils within the ear canal and, if left untreated, can cause discomfort and infections. If you suspect your cat may have ear mites a visit to their veterinarian is a must so they can diagnose and treat the condition.

If your cat goes outdoors, or will be in contact with other cats who do, regular ear maintenance can help prevent a possible infestation. A product, such as Life’s Abundance Ear Care Formula can help prevent a possible ear mite infestation by preventing wax buildup in kitty’s ears. This herbal product is gentle and safe to use on cats and kittens over 12 weeks of age.

LA Ear Care Formula


Click Here for more information on Life’s Abundance Ear Care Formula.

Regular ear cleaning will help to keep your cat happy and healthy. Have you ever cleaned your cat’s ears?



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