Are Your Cats Crazy For Catnip?

I have never been able to bring catnip into the house without the cats going completely crazy.  Once they smell it they will do anything and go anywhere to get it. A sniff of a catnip filled toy sends them into a frenzy rolling on the toy, racing around the room and chasing their tails. While some cats have this reaction others get aggressive and many ignore it all together. What exactly is catnip?

Sambra loves her catnip bag

Catnip, a herb in the mint family, has both culinary and medicinal uses for humans.  For cats it has an irresistible sent they can’t get enough of. The effects of catnip are short-lived but one sniff is enough to send some kitties into a crazed frenzy of euphoria while others may become aggressive and confrontational.

If your cat enjoys the herb and has a positive reaction from its effects it can be a wonderful treat for kitty. Catnip is easy  to grow and care for. Growing in a pot and grown indoors on a sunny windowsill or outside in a backyard herb garden will provide an endless supply for your cat. After harvesting, it can be dried after for future use. Simply bundle and hang stalks of the plant in a cool, dry place or dry in a food dehydrator.  When the leaves are brittle, they can be crushed and crumbled simply by rubbing it between your fingers.  Dried catnip makes a great filling for home-made cat toys or can be sprinkled on a scratching post to encourage its use.

Does your cat enjoy catnip?

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13 thoughts on “Are Your Cats Crazy For Catnip?

  1. I’ve got catnip growing outside and in a small indoor pot for my two furballs. They love love love it! Did you know you can also make tea out of catnip? I’ve never tried it…I see what it does to my cats…. hmmmmm. Cheers and good luck with the A-Z challenge.

  2. My cats have always loved catnip. I really should start growing it because my new kitten is in the habit of nibbling on the house plants and I am sure that is not the best thing for her little tummy.

  3. My cats couldn’t care less about catnip. I have no idea why…maybe I need to up the amount I put into the toys I make for them 🙂

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