Do I Need To Give My Cat a Bath?

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For most cats taking a bath is not on the top of their to do list. Their daily grooming is usually the only way they want to bathe.  Is this daily ritual enough to keep your kitty healthy, presentable, and clean?

Cats do a great job of keeping themselves presentable but there are some times when a bath or some additional grooming might be needed. To prevent matting, cats with long hair require combing and brushing in addition to their regular self grooming. Daily brushing will also help prevent them from ingesting loose hair that leads to hair balls and digestive issues. Their long hair may occasionally benefit from a bath to keep it shiny and healthy.

As cats get older they may not be willing or able to properly groom the themselves. Self grooming requires much bending and stretching making grooming more difficult for senior cats.

Cats that like to prowl outdoors may come home in need of a little freshening up.

Though there are times when kitty may need to be cleaned up a complete “submerge in the water” bubble bath is rarely. Instead, consider reaching for some pet safe wipes to spot clean their paws, face, or rear. Follow up with a fresh smelling spritz to condition their skin and make their fur shiny and odor free.

If kitty is in need of a cleansing spa bath consider bringing them to a groomer who specializes in cats. Professional groomers have the expertise to help make your cat feel comfortable and less stressed as they get clean.

Happily for both you and kitty, cats do a wonderful job of keeping themselves neat and clean.

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14 thoughts on “Do I Need To Give My Cat a Bath?

  1. We have indoor cats and have never given them a bath. However, we did buy some commercial foam cleaner for our elderly sick cat when she no longer cleaned herself. If one of our cats needed a real bath, I think I would get a professional to help as you suggested.

  2. When Jewel was getting near the end of her life, it was difficult for her to keep her fur from getting greasy and a bit dirty, so I would help her by giving her little “baths” with pet bath wipes. I think they made her feel a little better.

  3. We don’t bathe our cats (indoor only), but I can see that if the need were there, we would definitely go to a professional. The only times we’ve given our cats baths was when we first found them as strays off the street – but they were kittens, so we were able to manage that ourselves. Thanks for the tips!

  4. I haven’t had to bathe a cat in years. Thank goodness. I agree with the professional groomer suggestion if this is needed, but it really depends upon the cat and if you have a configuration for the logistics that works for you.

    Jean, visiting for the A-Z Challenge. @PolarBear60 on Twitter. Adding you to my RSS feed to make it easier to keep up with your postings.

  5. I have a 17 year old tom kitty who is letting himself go. He is in such bad shape. He was a feral kitten when I got him. He has been a pleasant, loyal, aloof friend. I think about running him to the vet but he hates that so much. He is just going to be another heart break kid. I am taking a moist wash clothe and doing some grooming. Old age is not for the faint of heart.

  6. Thanks for the information! It’s good to know that just wiping them occasionally will suffice. Cats don’t seem to like being submerged in water ^^

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