Welcoming a New Year While Remembering The Year Past



Happy New Year from The Kitty Corner! As I look forward to the year ahead I also find myself looking over all the special moments of the past 12 months. 2015 started off strong with one of the most memorable activities of the year: The A-Z Blogging Challenge. What could be better than 26 alphabetized kitty posts? It proved to be all that I expected and more and I look forward to accepting this challenge once again in April this year.

Throughout the year, the response to the post Does Your Cat Have A Fascination With Water? has been overwhelming. Originally posted on February 23, 2013, it continues to hold the distinction of being the most viewed on the site. Thank you to everyone who visits and has a part of putting that post at the top of The Kitty Corner pedestal.

IMG_5791Sadly, the year did not end well as I had to say goodbye to my kitty Tiger who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in early December. He was a big presence here at “The Kitty Corner” and contributed to many of my posts with his feisty personality and interactions with his kitty sister Violet. He will continue to live on in my heart and I think of him with every post I write.

When I began this blog I was hoping to create a cozy place to share stories and information about the “Love, Health, and Happiness For Your Cat”. Thank you to everyone who stops by – Violet and I are hoping to hear continuing feedback from our visitors so this blog can continue to accomplish its goals. The year is new and ready to explore. I’m looking forward to creating exciting posts to share and we look forward to both welcoming back past visitors as well as new cat people in 2016!


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