The Healthiest New Year’s Resolution You Can Make For Your Cat

Kitty with Tree


As the end of the year approaches evaluating your cat’s daily diet can be the best new year’s resolution you can make for your pets. Feeding the healthiest food possible will help to ensure their health is not being jeopardized by poor choices and bad habits.

Evaluating your cat’s food yearly will help to determine if they are receiving the best nutrition possible for every life stage. It is also a good time to determine if kitty has been eating properly for their age and activity level.

Do you know the ingredient you never want to see on your cat food ingredient list? Corn. Cats cannot properly digest corn and over time this seemingly innocent ingredient will slowly cause kidney damage. Although day by day you will not see any effects or signs to illness, irreversible damage is being done. For kitty’s long-term health it is essential to eliminate corn from their diet.

Is your cat getting what they need and want from their food? Some things your pets don’t need in their food are:

  • Artificial colors – cats are not looking for their food to look pretty and the food dye can cause allergic reactions and other health issues.
  • Proteins from unknown origins – all animal proteins should be specific and specified on the ingredient label.
  • Fillers – avoid foods that are “bulked up” with corn and other nutrient empty ingredients that are both unnecessary and unhealthy.

Is your cat active or sedentary? Kittens and young cats are usually bundles of energy with an insatiable appetite to go along.  However, if kitty continues to eat in this same manner as an adult cat weight gain could quickly become a problem. Some cats do well with self feeding from an endless supply of food and others need their meals limited to healthy portions. The beginning of each year is a great time to evaluate if the current type of feeding schedule is still working the best for your cat.

What is your cat’s dental health? Dry food kibble is a necessary part of your cat’s diet as it helps prevent tartar buildup on teeth. However, as cat’s teeth and gums age, crunching on dry kibble may be difficult or cause pain. Painful chewing will discourage kitty from eating what they should to get the proper nutrition they need. Take notice of the amount of dry food is being eaten. If your cat is not happily crunching on the kibble it may be time to add more wet food to their diet.

LA New ProductDoes your cat’s food have all that is needed through all their life stages? Evaluating my cat’s food led me to find Life’s Abundance pet food and I never looked back. This nutrient rich food has kept them healthy through all their life stages and has kept me from worry that they are receiving a healthy and safe diet. I was so impressed with their food and products I became an Independent Representative for the brand. To learn more about all their wonderful products please visit my rep page at

What are some New Year’s resolutions you have for your pets?







7 thoughts on “The Healthiest New Year’s Resolution You Can Make For Your Cat

  1. What are your thoughts on cat treats? My baby, Hillary Rodham Clinton Cereta LOVES them and expects them after nap time as if she did something fabulous:) She is also barely 8 months and still eats like a racehorse.

    • Cat treats are great! But always be sure they are healthy and not full of fillers and toxic ingredients (as you would their food). Life’s Abundance Gourmet Cat Treats are made of all healthy ingredients and include vitamin C & E, omega-3’s that makes them nourishing for their skin and coat. Find them at ! If you would like additional information about Life’s Abundance please let me know. Please see the “contact” page for my contact information 🙂

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