Keeping Kitty Safe – Beware of These 5 Holiday Dangers

Kitty and Tree

Pet safety during the holidays is something that cannot be stressed enough. Holiday decorations, with their glow and sparkle can quickly catch  a cat’s attention and easily become a danger. Don’t let the joys of the holiday season be saddened by a tragedy that could be easily avoided.

Watch Out For These Hidden Holiday Dangers

Unstable Christmas Trees: Cats love shiny, moving objects so it’s no wonder they as fascinated by the Christmas tree. The lure of the lights and ornament are often too much for kitty to resist and they will jump, climb, or do just about anything to get to those magical objects. If the tree is unstable it could easily tip and crash to the floor injuring kitty, other pets, or human family members.

To avoid this danger be sure tree branches are not accessible from any nearby surface that would give kitty easy access. Since lower hanging ornaments are more apt to catch kitty’s attention leave the lower branches ornament free. This is a tactic that works for me and although this may take away from the overall eye-appeal I feel it is a small price to pay for safety.

Curling Ribbon: Cats are attracted to curling ribbon and often like to chew on it on top of packages or play with and chew on small pieces found on the floor. If ingested this kind of ribbon could cause intestinal blockage. When wrapping packages using curling ribbon be sure no pieces are left behind for your cat to find. Any wrapped package that are left sitting under the tree should not be tied with curling ribbon.

Tinsel: Like curling ribbon, cats are attracted to shiny tinsel. Not only it cause serious health issues if ingested cars may try to climb the tree to get it creating additional hazards. Stringing the tree with strands of beads is a safer alternative.

Menorah Candles: Many cats find the flickering flames of Menorah candles very enticing. Protect kitty from burns, and your home from fire damage, by keeping the lit Menorah far from kitties reach.


Poinsettia: This festive plant is toxic to cats and can cause mouth and stomach issues if chewed or ingested.  Keep these plants out if your cat’s reach and watch for falling flowers and leaves as well.

Pet safety during the holidays can be easy when you know about hidden dangers of the season. Cats are curious and, every year, these holiday decorations will be something “new” for them to investigate.






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