Multiple Cat Households – Keeping All The Kitties Happy

Cats may have the reputation of being aloof and unsocial but this is actually far from the truth. CatsKitties in Doorway are social animals and enjoy the company of people and other feline friends. Since cats are extremely independent it is often believed that they are fine being left alone for long periods of time. Again, this is far from the truth. Left alone for long stretches, some cats will become lonely and, at times, destructive. Unhappy kitties have been known to “go” outside the litter box and leave “presents” around the house.  Kitty siblings not only keep each other company they enhance each other’s lives and are wonderful for each other’s health and well-being.

While having multiple cat families can be an amazing experience, it can also have it’s challenges. Different personalities, and eating patterns need to be considered. There is also the question of their litter box needs. With a little advanced planning, and a well thought out schedule, all the kitties in a multiple cat household will be purring together happily.

Hungry KittyFeed on a Schedule: Some cats do well with self feeding from an unending supply of food. They are able to regulate the amount of food they need on instinct and consume just what they need stay healthy. Others, are unable self feed properly which often leads to obesity and health problems. Multiple cat households will often have a mixture of these eating personalities which makes it necessary to feed on a schedule rather than leaving the food out and available all day.

At meal times it may be necessary to feed in separate rooms or different areas (ex: one on the floor and one on a table or platform) to avoid one feline trying eat more than their share.

Litter Boxes – more not the merrier: Just because there are more kitties it doesn’t mean there necessarily needs to be an excess amount of litter boxes. In my opinion, having fewer boxes that you are able to keep in pristine condition will be better received by the kitties and healthier for the household environment. Covered boxes, or a combination of open and covered, will both help stop litter tracking and satisfy all the cat’s box preferences.

A Place of Their Own: As wonderful as togetherness is for the kitties sometimes a little alone time is necessary. Kitty Alone TImeHaving kitty friendly perches, boxes, and other fun climbing areas and cozy hiding spots are the perfect for when some alone time is needed. Providing places where kitties are allowed to climb will satisfy both their need to climb and their need for alone time. Having a selection of “Cat Condos” and “Cat Tree” climbing posts will give them places they can scratch as well.

Do you have a multiple cat family? What are some things you do to keep all the kitties happy?







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