5 Signs Your Cat May Not Be Feeling Well

Sad Tiger

Cats are not always good at communication and they often hide the fact that they are not feeling well. Keeping your cat healthy and happy sometimes requires a little detective work and pet parent intuition. Changes in overall personality and routine may be a signal that something may not be right. Here are 5 signs that your cat may not be feeling well:

Cold Ears: If kitty is not acting like themselves, like sleeping more or being less active than usual, check their ears. Cold ears are a sign that kitty is running a temperature (similar to a warm forehead for a human). For this to be an accurate check be sure to know what the temperature of your cat’s ears feels to the touch under normal circumstances.

Drinking an Excessive Amount of Water: As a rule, cats do not drink a lot of water. This is especially true if your cat is on a wet food only diet. If kitty is visiting the water bowl, or urinating more often than usual, it may be a sign of an  underlying medical condition.

Going Outside the Litter Box: You can get a lot of information from your cat’s litter box habits. If you find kitty is suddenly not using the box this could be an alert to a medical issue. Finding “presents” elsewhere besides the litter box could be their way of telling you something is wrong. Instead of getting angry try to determine if there is a pattern to the mess. Are they not able to get to the box in time? If it continues over a period of time a visit to the vet may be needed. Click Here for “Information From Your Cat’s Litter Box Habits – 4 Things Your Cat May Be Trying To Tell You”.

Change in Appetite: A change in appetite is always something that get’s my attention. Cat’s are known to be picky eaters but if you notice that, overall, your cat is eating much less than usual it might be a cause for concern. In fact, cats are such creatures of routine and habit, overeating needs to also be addressed as well.Grooming Kitty

Excessive Grooming: Cats are impeccable when it comes to keeping themselves neat and clean. However, this doesn’t mean that their grooming should be excessive. If you see kitty is spending an exorbitant amount of time grooming, or have licked themselves to the point of hair loss, there may be a medical issue. Excessive grooming is often a sign of anxiety or stress and needs to be taken seriously.

Knowing your cat’s usual behavior is the best way to recognize their non-verbal communication when they are trying to tell you something is not right.

What are some of the ways your cat communicates their feelings?



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