Reflecting On A Month of A-Z Blogging

Snow KittyLast year was the first time I heard about the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Although it sounded fun and exciting I thought it was a challenge I would never be able to accomplish. Blogging every day sounded like a daunting task in itself. Paired with the additional requirement of matching the post to every letter of the alphabet made it seem impossible.

When I heard about the upcoming challenge this year I decided to jump in. I was, however, determined to not let the challenge win. As April 1st neared I will admit some fear and doubt grew inside me but I shooed it away and kept telling myself “you can do this!”.

Getting started turned out to be easy and I soon realized that it was not as frightening as I imagined it would be. Once I started thinking of words, more words kept coming to mind and ideas for posts came easier and easier. Posting every day became rhythmic and almost automatic which both surprised and delighted me.

April 30th arrived quickly and although I was sad to see my “Z” post on my blog that day I felt as though I just completed a marathon. It was both exhilarating and exhausting but I had a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

When my creativity was low and the ideas were slow to come reading comments of encouragement from other participants gave me the extra push to get through. The challenge introduced me to many wonderful blogs that I will continue to visit now that the challenge is done. I’m thankful to all who visited my blog and cheered me on along the way.

After the challenge I took a short vacation from the blog to rejuvenate and regroup but I was left ready to grow and move forward with an increased enthusiasm. Thank you to the organizers of the A-Z Blogging Challenge for this wonderful month-long experience. I look forward to participating again next year.


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