While You’re Away – 7 Reasons To Hire A Pet Sitter For Your Cat

When planning a vacation, or a few days away from home, you may wonder if your cats can take care of themselves during that time. Cats can be aloof and fiercely independent, do they miss their families when they leave?  Although cats are quite good taking care of their basic needs there are many reasons why you should not leave them alone for an extended period of time.

Cats thrive with routine: You may notice your cats do the same things just about every day – same meal times, same sleep patterns. Most even enjoy the same food everyday and will turn away from a new food that is put into their bowl. Their cherished routine includes the humans they live with as they are very aware of the usual comings and goings of the family. Part of their routine will be interrupted when the family is away which will be stressful for kitty.

Curiosity gets cats in trouble: When the family’s away, the cats will play. Cat’s natural curiosity often gets them locked in closets, trapped behind furniture, or in similar dangerous situations. Once while cat sitting, I arrived to find the kitty had tangled herself in a cat tamer toy. She was not hurt but she was very happy that I was able to free her. Had I not been checking on her daily the consequences could have been deadly.

Litter box maintenance: Cats like things clean and tidy, especially their litter box. Left unscooped for a few days kitty may decide to no longer use the box. In retaliation for the unkept box they may leave you a surprise in your bed, closet, or other unexpected place. The result will be an upset kitty and a mess – not something nice to return home to.

Unexpected incidents at home: Having someone to visit and care for your cats means someone will be watching your home as well. Though unlikely, things could happen while you’re away. Burst pipes have been known to cause flooding. Storms could cause electricity to go out resulting in freezing or hot conditions within the home. All could be dangerous to kitty and they would have no way to fix the situation.

Food and water bowl concerns:To be sure kitty has enough food for the time you’re away you can: Leave a large, or multiple bowls, of food; use an automatic dispensing feeding machine. Leaving an excess amount of food may cause some kitties to overindulge causing stomach upset. You may also underestimate the amount of food needed. Automatic dispenser feeding machines can fail (if the electricity goes out) or may frighten kitty causing them to refuse to eat. Similar problems for water bowls – bowls could be tipped over leaving no water; kitty may be afraid of, and refuse to drink from, a fountain.

Health emergency: If your cat were to have health issues, or a health emergency, while you are not home they would be unable to get help.

Companionship: Even though cats like to make you think they are so independent they don’t need you, they will miss you when you’re gone. Cats get lonely and being left alone for a long period of time will cause stress and you will return home to an unhappy cat.

Hiring a pet sitter to care for your cat will provide both you and your kitty a stress free vacation. Pet sitters will feed, play, and spend time with your cats to insure they are happy and healthy while you are away. Upon return home, you will be greeted by a happy kitty.

When away from home have you ever had a pet sitter care for your pet?\

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4 thoughts on “While You’re Away – 7 Reasons To Hire A Pet Sitter For Your Cat

  1. I realize I am over protective, but my cats have a cat sitter with them if we are going to be gone over an hour. I am lucky my Mom is available to do this most of the time and I have friends that help too.

  2. We have a pet sitter when the mom’s away…sometimes she asks someone to come in even when the dad is here because he works long hours and she wants to make sure we’re fed on time. 🙂

  3. If I were ever able to go on vacation or to a conference, I would most definitely get a pet sitter. Both of my kitties need daily medication that a pet sitter could give them. And I know they would be lonely without someone to visit with them.

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