V is for Violet…How Do You Choose Your Cat’s Name?


I adopted my cat Violet as tiny 10 week old kitten. She was raised by her foster mom after being found by a rescue group responding to a call of a suspected colony of feral cats. No ferals were found but they did discover a recently born kitten with no other kittens or mother cat in sight. They brought her in and she was raised in foster care, bottle fed by her foster mom, and highly socialized with humans and other cats. As a result of her upbringing she is and extremely loving, social, active, and curious kitty. She knows how to use her charm to get what she wants. Because she was found among the flowers they had named her Violet, a name I decided to keep when I brought her home.


My cat Tiger is a big striped Tabby who is very expressive when conveying his annoyance or disgust. Big in personality and very vocal, he is never shy about letting you know when he has had enough of a situation. He is friendly but definitely not a lap cat. I went through many names before deciding on “Tiger” – it was the name that I felt suited him best.

Every year there are lists that are circulated of the most popular cat names of the past year. “Bella” has held the number one spot for female cat name since 2007 and for males, “Oliver” is occupying the top spot for the second year in a row. Names are often influenced by cartoon characters, pop culture, or popular movies.

Some cats just seem to name themselves. For others choosing a name is easy when they have a distinct personality trait or an outstanding physical feature. Cats who come into a shelter with no identification are often given a new name only to be renamed once they go home to a new family. Adopted adult cats may go through many name changes in their lifetime.

Does your cat have a trendy or an unusual name?

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6 thoughts on “V is for Violet…How Do You Choose Your Cat’s Name?

  1. My cats were stray cats, and nobody knows if they ever had any names. The shelter names their cats, and they often use short names. When cats belong together, they will give them very similar names. They don’t introduce these names to the cats though; the names are only a tool for keeping track on the shelter’s residents. Mine were called Priit ja Prööt, and yes, it sounds also awful in Finnish!

    I wrote a post on choosing my cats’ names: http://whenthecatisaway.com/how-to-choose-cat-name/

    I heard that cats react to s-sounds, so I wanted a strong s in their names. The length of their names was my second limitation; I didn’t want more than two vocals. I used a first name site with an advanced search engine. I could restrict the name’s length and add letters the name must contain. I then chose two names which are similar to each other, but different at the same time: Tessa and Kajsa (Kajsa is a common Swedish name)

    I’ve only had my cats in 2 days, so I’ll see if their names work out!

    A2Z challenge. http://www.whenthecatisaway.com Participant number 1238

  2. Both of my cats have unusual names. Carmine was named at the shelter I adopted him from, and I thought it was cute, so I kept it the same when I brought him home. One of my friends named Milita.

    Unless a kitty has a name I really don’t like, I’d keep his/her name the same from the shelter. I think it might confuse kitties to keep getting different names. I do believe that every kitty has their own perfect name – we just have to figure out what it is 🙂

  3. The mom wanted all of us to have human names. Wally is named after the mom’s dad. Ernie is named after Ernest Hemmingway because E is a poly cat. And Zoey…well, the mom liked that name.

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