Traveling With Your Cat? 5 Ways To Make The Journey Easier

Violet in Bag

Typically, cats don’t like change. They are creatures of habit with routine that probably rarely differs from day-to-day. Once they have found a favorite sleeping spot you can be quite certain that is where they can be found.

For this reason cats are not the best traveling companions. Many don’t like the movement of cars or other transportation and equally dislike unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells. However, sometimes you may need, or want, to take kitty with you when you travel. Whether it be to relocate to a new home, away on an extended vacation, or just a visit to the vet here are some ways to make their journey easier:

Familiarize Kitty With The Carrier: Once you know you will be taking kitty from their familiar surroundings, leave out the carrier for them to explore. Put a familiar favorite blanket or toy inside to attract them to take a look. Curiosity will surely get the best of them! Once it’s been out for a while it will no longer “new” and they will not resist when it’s time to get inside for the ride.Violet on Couch

Take Familiar Items From Home: Leave the items or items, that were used to attract kitty to the carrier, inside for the journey. It will help keep things consistent – their own “home away from home”.

Calm Kitty Before the Trip: Reducing kitty’s stress before traveling will help keep them calm on the way. Using Feliway in diffuser form in their environment in the days leading up to the trip will keep them calm and happy. Combined with Feliway spray in the carrier will provide a calm, stress free environment on the road.

Have ID and an Emergency Information Kit: When travelling, be sure kitty has a collar and tag or microchip with up-to-date information. Together with an emergency information kit (that includes a recent photo and full description including any identifying markings or features) it will help you be reunited if kitty were to get lost while on the road.

If possible, it’s best to start familiarizing your cat to change when they are still a kitten, especially if you plan to travel with them often. Though even older or adult cats will adjust if their travel routine is the same for every outing. For cats it’s all about consistency and you will find that they will accept travel if they know what to expect.

Do you travel with your cat?

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