Rescue – 4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Your New Kitty

Welcoming a new furry friend into your home is very exciting. Choosing a rescue cat from a shelter or a rescue group is a wonderful experience but can also be very overwhelming.  Any time I see cats for adoption I want to bring them all home! Here are 4 questions you can ask yourself to help make the decision a little easier:

Kitten or Older Cat: Kitty’s age is a big consideration. Kittens are so cute but raising a kitten takes a lot of time and care. You will need to “kitten proof” your home to eliminate any dangers to active, curious kittens. Do you have time to play and interact with a kitten to raise them to be a happy and healthy cat?  If not, you may want to consider a young adult or older cat.

Long or Short Hair: Long haired cats are beautiful but require grooming to care for their coat. Regular brushings will be a must to prevent matting that can be uncomfortable and harmful to their skin.

Personality: Do you want an active, playful kitty that you can interact with? Or would you prefer a companion that will be happy to curl up next to you on the couch. Is a shy personality more your style or do you want a furry friend that is curious and likes to socialize? When visiting a shelter it is often easy to see the different personalities just by observing all the cats reactions when you first come into their area.

Male or Female: If you have a cat at home do you want to introduce another of the same sex? Do you have a dominent male cat that may not be welcoming to another male entering territory? The answer to this question may come from knowing the personalities of the cats you already have.

I have often gone with a picture in mind of my perfect kitty only to bond with one of the exact opposite. Cats seem to always do the choosing, dispite my efforts to make the decision. For me, the kitties have never been wrong.

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3 thoughts on “Rescue – 4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Your New Kitty

  1. I second.

    I adopted two different cats than I had imagined. It just happened, and I don’t know how. It’s funny, because I’ve been really careful and slowly in my process to adopt cats, but I took the first ones I saw.

    Thank you for asking the kitten or adult cat question. I’ve adopted my cats 4 weeks ago, and everybody assumes that I’ve kittens! They’re really surprised when I tell them that my cats are at least 3 years old. (Nobody knows how old they are, this is just an assumption from the vet).

    I couldn’t take my cats home right away, because they had ear mites. That’s why I visited them at the shelter on a daily basis. I’ve seen many people searching for cats whilst I was sitting in their cage, and many are disappointed that the shelter hadn’t any kittens. I feel so sorry for the cats that are still searching for their forever home, and I’d like to tell people to reconsider: taking an adult cat home, can be a really wonderful experience. These were my reasons for adopting adult cats instead of kittens:
    I can probably take my girls home tomorrow, and I’m so excited!!

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