Cat Communication – The Quizzical Look

Cats are very smart and can understand what you hope to communicate to them. They can be taught to stop certain unwanted behaviors such as scratching the furniture or jumping up on counter tops. As adept as they are at learning, they are even better at pretending they don’t understand. That’s when they give you their quizzical look:


on the bed tiger Cute Kitty

Sometimes they even get the dog involved:

Dallas & kitty2


It’s very difficult to argue with a cat…

This post is part of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. A new letter, and a new post, for every day in April!

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4 thoughts on “Cat Communication – The Quizzical Look

  1. Sigh. I’m not exactly looking forward to this part of my feline experience. 😀 Good thing is: I don’t really care about furniture and material things. I DO care about my sleep and about my hair. It’s ok to ruin my furniture, but not to touch my hair. I’m trying to think that both elements involve that I’m present, and that I’ll hopefully have a chance to make them understand what I want.

    • I have been able to keep furniture scratching at a minimum by keeping their nails trimmed and providing scratching posts. I’ve also learned that it’s better to discourage furniture scratching at the beginning because once they find something they like to scratch, it’s harder to keep them away from it.

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