Pros and Cons of Pelleted Paper Litter

The right kind of litter you use in your cat’s litter box has a lot to do with both your preference, and that of your kitty. Some cats will absolutely refuse to use the box if they don’t like the litter that’s in it. Sometimes it comes down to compromise and other times to sheer battle of wills. Luckily, both may kitties and I agree that paper litter is the best.

For me, I’m not sure what I like better – the fact that paper litter is virtually dust free or that it is the most environmentally friendly. Dust is a huge concern for me. Not only do I not like the dirty film it leaves on surfaces of the room that houses the litter box, I am concerned about the toxic ingredients we were sure to all be breathing in.  Being environmentally conscious, I like the fact that paper litter is biodegradable and made from recycled ingredients.

Nothing is ever perfect and this type of litter is not the exception. Pelleted paper litter tracks easily on kitty’s paws. As a result, the floor is often littered with these small paper pellets – stepping on them with bare feet is not a pleasant experience. Paper litter doesn’t clump and just stays wet in the box so scooping often is a necessity. although it is not scented, with diligent litter box maintenance I have not had any problem with odors.

The best part is that the kitties seem to love it as much as I do. Do you and your cats agree with what is in their litter box?

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10 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Pelleted Paper Litter

  1. My cats are still living in the shelter, and I’ve just ordered our first litter. I chose to buy the same brand the shelter uses for a variety of reasons.

    1. Moving to a new home is very stressful, and I wanted to give them something they were already used to.
    2. My cats have been living at the shelter for about 3 months, and the staff said that they had never had any accidents. I therefore assume that they like the litter, or have at least nothing against it.
    3. The shelter buys a very expensive litter brand, although I know that they are dependent on donations. I thought that they either found out that this litter is cheapest in the long run or that this litter brand sponsors the shelter. I asked the staff, and they told me that they don’t get sponsored. Turned out the litter was cheapest, because it’s lasting very long.
    4. I’ve been sitting in their cage for an hour every day. The cage is very small, but never smelled even though they sometimes used the litter box whilst I was there. There was neither any dust.

    They use Ever Clean litter. I’ll see how this litter will work at home. I’ve also ordered tree litter (? Not sure how this is called in English), because I like ecological products. I’ll test the tree litter in one of the litter boxes as soon as my girls become more confident at my place. I’ve never heard of paper litter, so thank you for this post!

    A2Z challenge. Participant number 1281

    • I’m not familiar with tree litter though I have tried litter made from pine. I had not heard of or ever tried Ever Clean litter. Just looked it up and it sounds like a great clumping litter – especially if there is little to no dust.

  2. hmm, I didn’t know about paper litter. I have dogs so I only know of litter as far as what my friends use. I’ve been wondering about the lightweight kitty litter that is not being advertised. Is that the paper version??
    I love the photo on your banner: BEAUTIFUL cat!
    Michele at Angels Bark

  3. It was an experiment to find the right litter. Luckily my cats prefer the cheapest cat litter (No Name Clumping clay litter). The only downside is lugging a 18 kg box up two flights of stairs and the dust is horrid. I want to move in the next 5 years and will have a better set up for the litter box so I might experiment with a different litter than.

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 So happy you are enjoying my posts. The A-Z Blogging Challenge is definately challenging and your encouraging comments are helping make it a wonderful experience. I have enjoyed reading all your A-Z posts about preparing for the day you can bring your kitties home. Good luck with the rest of the challenge – more than half way through!

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