Nine Items You Should Have In Your Cat’s Emergency Evacuation Kit

Although you never hope to need it, having an emergency evacuation kit for your pet is necessary for their health and safety should you need to evacuate your home. When extreme weather conditions require evacuation it’s imperative to have important supplies and information readily available.

Since you never know when an emergency evacuation will be required it’s important to be prepared. Here are nine things you should always have readily available in your cat’s emergency evacuation kit:

  1. Carrier – When you have to leave suddenly a carrier is of extreme importance. During a storm, or other emergency situation, cats will become very anxious and could easily run. You want to be sure they can be safely in a carrier during transport.
  2. Collar and ID or Microchip – If kitty were to get lost while away from home they will need proper identification to help with their safe return. Be sure the information on the tag or chip is up-to-date.
  3. Health Information – Have vaccination records, medication names and dosages, and other health information all together in a folder that’s easy to grab and go.  This will be necessary information to have if a health question or issue occurs while away.
  4. Supply of Food – Have at least a weeks supply of food since in an emergency situation food may be scarce.
  5. Bottled Water – Clean drinking water may not be available immediately after a storm.
  6. Travel Food and Water Bowls – To easily feed kitty while on the road or in temporary quarters.
  7. Pet First Aid Kit – If an injury were to occur while on the road or away from home. Click Here for information from the Humane Society on what to include in a pet first aid kit.
  8. Calming Items – Since cats don’t like change so an emergency situation is sure to create anxiety. To help calm nerves be sure to have a familiar blanket, toy, or other item from home. Feliway spray for the carrier will also help to keep kitty calm.
  9. Emergency Phone Numbers – Including: Veterinarian and pet sitters or friends who would be willing to take in kitty if you are unable to find a temporary location that will allow pets.

Keeping all the items together in a easy-to-access location will help ensure that nothing will be left behind. Review items periodically to make sure all information is up to date and perishable items are not out dated.

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