Multiple Cats – Should Your Cat Have Siblings?

Cats have a very independent demeanor. But do they get lonely? Do cats enjoy sharing their home with other cats? My experience has shown that, like human siblings, cats learn from each other interact in many positive ways.


Cats can form lasting friendships


Routine and familiar surroundings keep cats happy and calm. Multiple cats in a household will provide this stability even when things around them may change. If the family is away, for example, the cats sill have each other and their own separate routine that will not change.

When cats of different ages and personalities live together they will keep each other active and healthy. When I brought a new kitten into the household she had a great influence on the activity level on my older cat Tiger. Before Violet arrived, Tiger was content to sleep for the majority of the day. With a kitten in the house, however, I noticed he moved around more, they began to interact with each other, he even began to play with toys. It was a wonderful transformation.

Since cats don’t like change, introducing a new kitty to the family needs to be done slowly. Let the existing household cat(s) visit the new arrival on their own terms. Let them meet each other on their own terms, supervising the first meeting to be the consistency for your household cat.

Sometimes the kitties will seem to fight, or argue, or not get along at times. Occasional differences are likely to happen but just take notice of their body language at these times to be sure there is no serious issues. Over time they will form healthy relationships and good friendships.

Do you have multiple cats? Have you seen friendships develop between them?

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5 thoughts on “Multiple Cats – Should Your Cat Have Siblings?

  1. We are a household of five kitties, so we definitely think that a multi-cat home is wonderful! We all get along really well and are all friends (except for Sassy, who doesn’t like any other kitty and has to be separated from the rest of the gang). We keep each other busy and entertain each other a lot.

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