Longevity – How To Help Your Cat Live A Long, Happy Life

The average lifespan of a cat is 15 years but many live well beyond that. According to the Guiness Book of World Records the oldest living cat today is 27 years old. The longest living cat of all time is reported to be a kitty who lived 38 years.

Cats of all ages enjoy a lot of love and attention, good food, and a little pampering. Here are some ways you can help kitty stay happy and healthy at any age:kitty at bowl

Feed Healthy food: What kitty eats is the basis of good health. Cats require a diet that’s rich in high quality proteins. Beware of foods with unnecessary fillers, especially corn. Since cats cannot digest corn properly it puts stress on their kidneys which, over time, can cause damage and result in kidney failure. Stay clear of artificial colors, flavors, and chemical additives that add no value to the food and have the potential to be toxic. Be sure to always have water available.

Brush Their Teeth: Your cat’s oral health greatly impacts their overall wellbeing. Neglecting their teeth will, over time, result in lost, broken, and painful teeth and gums which can be a contributor to poor health and disease. If kitty cannot eat properly they will not be able to get proper nutrition. Click Here for Simple Ways To Improve Your Cat’s Oral Health.

Cut Their Nails: Trimming your cat’s nails will not only save your furniture from scratches it could also save your cat from injury. Sharp nails that get caught in carpets or other household fabrics and cause injury which could result in infection that could lead to painful conditions.

Brushing and Grooming: Cats do a great job of cleaning and grooming themselves. Frequent brushing, however, will help keep their coat shiny and their skin in top condition. It helps remove loose fur which will prevent kitty from ingesting excess hair and will help keep hairballs at a minimum. For long-haired cats, frequent brushing will help prevent matting which, if left unattended, will cause pain and skin irritation and damage.

Encourage Exercise: Cats sleep a lot but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy exercise as well. Provide acceptable areas for your cats to climb and jump. Encourage play that involves both physical activity and mental stimulation.

What are some ways you help your cat stay young?

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