Is Your Cat Eating a Junk Food Diet?

The first step to a happy and healthy cat is good food. Cats can be very  picky eaters and will often turn away from what is presented in the food dish. This often makes it very hard to determine what we should be feeding kitty.

kitty and food

Many commercial pet food are of extremely poor quality and often contain ingredients that are even harmful to our cat’s health. It was not until my young cat died suddenly from kidney failure, which I now believe was a result of the ingredients of her food, did I begin to question my pet food choices. In addition, at this same time kitty brother was displaying symptoms of a food addiction – he was eating and purging, constantly. As a result he was sluggish and overweight.

These events led me to research pet food and their ingredients to determine how I could get my cats on a healthier path prevent a possible future health crisis. It led me to the realization of the importance of reading and deciphering pet food labels to avoid feeding “kitty junk food” – foods filled with unhealthy fillers, chemicals, and artificial colors and flavors. Through my research I also learned:

Cats Should Not Eat Corn: Cats cannot digest corn properly. A constant corn-filled diet stresses the kidneys which will eventually lead to kidney failure and certain death. Many pet food companies use corn as a filler in their cat food products even though it is very harmful to cat’s health.

Cats Require A High Protein/Low Carb Diet: which is not what they are getting from most dry food kibble.

Life's Abundance All Stages Cat Food

Life’s Abundance All Stages Cat Food

In the end I found Life’s Abundance pet food and products. Formulated by a holistic veterinarian, all their foods have no chemical ingredients, no artificial flavors or colors and are filled with high quality proteins. After switching all my pets to a diet of Life’s Abundance I was so impressed with the improvement in their health I became an independent field representative for the company.

What do you feed your cats? If your concerned your cats are eating “kitty junk food”, and would like to improve their diet, visit


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7 thoughts on “Is Your Cat Eating a Junk Food Diet?

  1. I’ve just finished my very first cat food order. I felt like doing a scientific research when I tried to choose healthy and high quality cat food! So much to learn, so much to consider! Hallelujah, it took me almost 2 days to choose! Now I just pray to a feline God that my ladies will like the food I ordered. They’re still living at the shelter, so I’ll have another 2 weeks to find out if they like the food I like.

    I visit them at the shelter on a daily basis and told them which food I’ve bought. They agreed with my choice and promised me to eat it. Hope they’ll remember our conversation! 😉

    In case you’re a beginner and lost: I wrote a Beginner’s Guide To High Qualitative Cat Food. Hope this can help you!

    A2Z challenge. Participant number 1328

  2. I am having problems with the food my cats eat at the moment. One of my cats, Rory, is overweight. She’s a big cat anyway, but she is most definitely overweight. They have always eaten the more expensive of the readily available cat foods, but once I knew she had to diet, I really started to research. This is after growing up with lots of cats, and being a grown up cat owner for almost 30 years. You think you know stuff, but you don’t.
    I ordered the food the vet recommended – £1 a pouch!! But Rory won’t eat it, unless I miss in some “liver yoghurt” liquid cat treat with it. I also began to initiate a transfer over to a natural diet for them. The other two will happily eat chopped heart, liver etc, but Rory won’t touch it. In the couple of months this has been going on, the coats of all 3 cats are shinier and softer than they have ever been, they are more playful too. SO I investigated further.
    I found another brand that is 97% animal protein. But it stinks to high heaven and they ate it for about 5 days – now none of them will touch it. Rory has lost a bit of weight, so the mixture I give her must be lower in calories than the normal cat food, but it’s not ideal.
    But I was absolutely gobsmacked when I saw – I mean really looked – at just how little actual MEAT goes into the cat food you buy in supermarkets – some have only 4%. For a carnivore!!! I mean – HOW do they get away with this???
    I am disabled and can’t work, so funds are quite limited, but so far I must have spent over £150 trying to get her food sorted out so they are all healthy, and so Rory loses weight. It’s not easy at all.
    I am in the UK, and it seems like the only place I can get high meat content food is online – in bulk 😦
    Any advice would be much appreciated.
    I have stopped with all treats except the odd tiny bit of freeze dried chicken, and we are encouraging her to play and run around a lot more.

    • It’s very challenging when feeding multiple cats with different food tastes and appetites. To help my cat Tiger loose some weight I switched to a high protein (dry) food with no fillers and a grain free wet (canned) food. It took a lot of research with my kitty “sampling” different foods. In addition I encouraged him to get more exercise It took some time but he did slim down.

      • Thank you for the reply 🙂 I guess we just have to preservere. I just read your post on exercise, and we’re doing pretty much all those things except taking her for a walk. They have a cat tree, her bed is on top of my wardrobe, so that takes a step onto a special cat shelf I fitted, and then a leap up (and then down again, of course), I made her a special leather thong ‘spider’ toy that she loves and tosses around, and we have a lazer toy upstairs and downstairs for her. She loves that and comes and asks for it.
        At least I know I am doing the right things 🙂 Thanks again 🙂

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