Information From Your Cat’s Litter Box Habits – 4 Things Your Cat May Be Trying To Tell You

A cat’s litter box is not just a box full of litter. It can be a source of information about the health and well-being of your cat. Your cat’s behavior towards the box, as well as what they do in the box, can be viewed as a form of communication between you and your kitty.

What Does Your Cat's Litter Box Habits Tell You?

What Does Your Cat’s Litter Box Habits Tell You?

Does your cat go outside the box? Refusal to use the litter box can signal both heath and behavioral issues. Going immediately outside of the box or halfway in the box could mean they can’t make it to the box in time or they are unable to get into the box. Since this could be due to a medical condition, this behavior should be discussed with your veterinarian. Using a different area or a specific spot (not in the box) could be your kitties form of rebellion. Cat’s can have very specific likes and dislikes for where they want their litter box.  A simple change of location may be what’s needed.

Is your cat visiting the box more than usual? Frequent urination could be a sign of feline diabetes. If this behavior is combined with increased thirst and weight loss a visit to the veterinarian is recommended.

Is your cat visiting the box less than usual? Decreased urination could be a sign of kidney failure. If combined with vomiting and loss of appetite take kitty to the veterinarian immediately.

Does your cat hide in the litter box? When cats feel scared or anxious they often look for small, confined areas to make them feel safe and secure. Often this will occur when you bring a new cat or kitten into your home or if you move to a new location. This may be the reason kitty is sitting or laying in the litter box for extended periods of time. All they may need is an extra dose of love and attention.

The litter box is only one of many ways cats communicate with non-verbal communication.

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18 thoughts on “Information From Your Cat’s Litter Box Habits – 4 Things Your Cat May Be Trying To Tell You

  1. Good advice ! Mum is aware of it and we know she’s attentive to what takes place in or around our litter box. Purrs

  2. Those litter boxes! The only issue I have (other than the smell), is that some people leave them out in the open… like a spare bathroom. But I guess that is a reasonable place for the cat to find it.

  3. We gave our cats an option of hooded boxes and open and it’s been interesting to see who likes which box. One really uses the hooded boxes exclusively and the rest opt for the open ones or every now and then get in the hooded ones. I try to keep an eye on who is going when as I know bladder infections can start and we might not even know until it’s too late.

  4. Cats sure do have their own unique way of communicating with us! It is amazing how much litter box issues can say about a cat’s health. Thank you for the great reminders.

  5. We have three very distinct litter box attitudes at our house…thus necessitating three very distinct litter boxes. One cat only likes to use the basement box. One will only use the hooded box (he’s also completely inept at covering and stands in there pawing the sides of the walls for several minutes to no avail…not the brightest penny). The last…he only wants the one with no hood. He apparently gets claustrophobic. Silly kitties. Glad to find you via the A to Z! Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie

  6. Hiding inside the litter box, that breaks my heart. I hope that doesn’t happen very often. That is defiantly a huge red flag something is wrong.

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