Hiding Places That Can Be Dangerous For A Cat

Whenever I open a closet door there is sure to be a kitty that comes running to investigate. My cat Violet loves to sneak in small spaces without any fear of getting locked inside. She may not be thinking of the dangers of being left in the closet when the door closes but it is something I am always concerned about.

Violet loves to play with socks and she will grab them any time and from any place she can. She will even jump right inside the washer or dryer in search of her favorite playthings. I have to be sure never to close the washer/dryer door without making sure she is not inside.

washing machine and kitty

Some Places Cats Like To Hide Can Be Very Dangerous


I have heard of cats jumping into dishwashers and crawling into bottom freezer compartments. Both of these areas may look very inviting to a cat or kitten but can have deadly consequences if they are hiding there out of sight.

In cold weather, outside cats are known to crawl under hoods of cars in search of a warm place. This is extremely dangerous and can be deadly if they don’t get out before the car engine is started. There is no way for the unsuspecting motorist to know a cat has taken residence under the hood. In cold days, when in areas with large outdoor cat population it’s a good idea to bang on the hood of the car before starting the engine. This will frighten the lounging cat and they will be sure to run out and away from danger.

Always being aware is the only way to keep kitty safe. Where does your cat like to hide?

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17 thoughts on “Hiding Places That Can Be Dangerous For A Cat

  1. One fall day on the farm, I parked the car closer to the cat shed than usual. I opened the hood, and three our four kittens came out. Their pawprints were still there when I traded that car away a year and a half later.

    At my last apartment, Parker wanted to get behind the clothes dryer. I was worried she would claw the exhaust tube, so I kept that door closed. One of her favorite dangerous places in this apartment is in a box on top of the fridge. That’s not the problem; the problem is that she jumps on the stove to get there.

  2. My cat actually found a small hole in the bottom of one of the couches and somehow got himself wedged inside the bottom of the couch and the fabric to cover it. It was crazy! He is a bigger cat and I could not find him anywhere! Obviously this was not a dangerous place for him to be, but it was very unnerving not being able to find him. Finally I found him and was watching him like a hawk to see where he was hiding and ended up watching him climb under the couch and not come out.


  3. It is so important to always be aware of your cat’s location. They find some very creative ways to get themselves in trouble sometimes! My husband and I are very careful to make sure that the cats aren’t under the foot rest of the recliner (or under the recliner itself) when we close it. My cats love to hide under furniture.

  4. On one very rare occurrence, Smokey climbed into the refrigerator. Thankfully I opened it back up about a minute later, but you can image my surprise when I opened the door and he was sitting on a shelf! Cats are funny creatures! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Our cat used to like to hide in the basement, but I think the steps are too steep for him now. He’s always on the couch these days or in a sunny spot on the floor.

  6. Thankfully our house is so old that it does not have closets. In fact the smallest space in the house is the Laundry room, and we can hear meowing if anyone gets stuck in there. Thankfully none of our kitties has ever been curious about the dryer though, and I do check that every time I use it.

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