Grow an Indoor Garden For Your Cat

Indoor cats can have an “outdoor” experience with fresh herbs and grasses grown especially for them. Treats for your cat can be grown in a sunny window providing your cat with their own inside garden.


An indoor garden and a sunny window will bring the outdoors inside for kitty


Cat Grass: Outdoors, cats chew on grass. It provides them with natural vitamins and acts as a remedy to help with digestion. Cat Grass can be grown on a sunny windowsill for a treat your indoor cats will love. Cat Grass seeds can be purchased on-line or pet retail stores and are easy to grow:

You will need:

  • Flower Pot
  • Indoor Potting Soil
  • Cat Grass Seeds
  • Plastic Wrap

Fill pot with soil and sprinkle with the cat grass seeds. Cover with a coating of soil so the seeds are not exposed. Water to moisten the soil and cover with the plastic wrap. Place the pot in an area that is not in direct sun light. Once sprouts appear, remove the plastic wrap and put in a sunny window. Keep the soil moist by watering every few days or when the soil appears dry.

Cats should be allowed to chew on the grass as a treat (as they would in the outdoors) but be sure they don’t have constant access that may lead to overindulgence.

Cat Nip: Cat nip is a herb that cats love. It can be grown indoors on a sunny windowsill but requires an abundance of direct sunlight, frequent watering, and good drainage. With an indoor pot of catnip you can allow your cat to rub and chew on the plant as a treat.

Cat nip can also be grown outdoors and branches can be brought inside for a cat treat. It’s leaves can be dried by bundling and hanging stalks of the plant in a cool, dry place. When the leaves are brittle, and crumble when rubbed between your fingers, it is ready. Dried catnip can be sprinkled on surfaces for your cat to enjoy or can be used as a filling for homemade cat toys.

Outdoor plants and a sunny window with a view will allow your kitty to enjoy a little bit of outdoors in the safety of their home. Do you grow an indoor garden for your cats?

This is part of the Blogging From A-Z Challenge.  A new letter, and a new post, for every day in April!

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10 thoughts on “Grow an Indoor Garden For Your Cat

  1. Thank you for this very timely post. I’m about catifying my house whilst I’m waiting for my rescue cats. I bought some cat grass and I’ll probably buy cat nip as well.

    I’m a bit confused though that you recommend make sure they don’t have constant access. I’m giving other plants away, because they’re toxic to cats. I first wanted to keep them and put them somewhere the cats can’t reach the plants. However, I soon found out that I don’t have a good place to hide a plant. Where do you keep your grass?

    A to Z challenge. Participant number 1361.

    • I suggested restricting cat’s access to cat grass because some, not all, will overindulge and it may cause stomach upset. Some will climb up on surfaces to get to plants and others won’t. One of my cats won’t climb to reach things while the other is an excellent climber. I position plants where I know she can’t get them.

      • Thank you for your reply! (Oh my, I was tired yesterday! I’m sorry for the bad language, glad you could still understand what I was trying to say). I’ll test how my cats will behave, if I’m lucky, I don’t need to hide the grass.

  2. Stopping by during the #Challenge to read your blog. Wish we still had our kitty cat to sit on my lap this April while I visit. This is a great idea for indoor cats. Thanks for all the work this takes to participate.

  3. I’m a dog blogger from California and for “D” wrote about dogs, the drought and dry landscaping! I really liked your DIY project for bringing grass to kitties. Happy A-to-Z blogging!

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