Entertaining Cats – Catching the Fun on Film

My cats could have their own comedy show. Watching their antics brings laughter to daily life. The photo opportunities are endless although they are not shy about letting me know when they do not want their picture taken:


Then other times they want to be right where the action is:


The best photos happen when I am able to take one when they are not aware of what I am doing.

DSCN0043cute violet

But they are very good at hiding or running from the camera so sometimes it’s hard to get a good photo!

Does your cat like to have their picture taken?

This is part of the A-Z Blogging Challenge. A new letter, and a new post, for every day in April!

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12 thoughts on “Entertaining Cats – Catching the Fun on Film

  1. Hi
    I just found your blog via the A to Z challenge, and I’m happy to see another cat participant!

    My cats are still living at the shelter, but I visit them almost every day. I’m so in love with them, so I try to take some pictures whilst visiting them. I don’t want to use the flash, because they’re shy, and I don’t want to scare them. And yes, they’re ruining the picture for me. Additionally, one of them has long hair and it’s really hard to get a picture where you can recognize the different parts of the body.

    I tried to make a video whilst they were playing, but turned out that the other cat is a true Millennial: when she discovered my phone, she was no longer interested in her toy.

    A2Z challenge. http://www.whenthecatisaway.com Participant number 1421

  2. This past weekend I went home to my parent’s house for Easter and was taking pictures of our cats! We have one cat who is always very hard to get a photo of him, as he will blink (even without a flash) or turn away at the last minute. However this time he finally seemed interested and we actually got a couple good photos with his eyes open and everything! I think the key was to catch him after a good tummy rub!

  3. Mom says that we bring constant entertainment to her daily life too! We kitties are just good at that 🙂 Thankfully, none of us mind getting our photo taken too much.

  4. My cat doesn’t mind having her picture taken, but it’s difficult to get her to stay still. They always seem to be blurry. That seems to be the case for a lot of animals. Enjoy the A-Z Challenge, from a fellow animal challenge blogger!

  5. Visiting from A/Z 🙂 Cute pictures of the cat 🙂 Never had a cat as a pet, but when we had our corgi, he always turned away form the camera when I was trying to get pictures of him. I had to be very clever (and involve food) to get a good picture of him 🙂

    Have fun with the rest of the challenge!


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