Cat Dishes – Choosing The Best Food Bowls

Cats can be finicky eaters.  Sometimes they will keep eating even until you wonder how they could possibly still be hungry. Other times, it’s quite possible they will turn away from even the most healthy, delicious looking food. Both of these odd behaviors could all be due to they type of food bowl their food is served in.

  When choosing a food dish you need to decide on both size and material:

Plastic bowls:  could release chemicals into the food or cause health issues for cats with allergies. They are also lighter and more likely to tip and spill or move around while your cat is trying to eat.

Ceramic or glass bowls: are a healtheir, more earth friendly option. Unlike plastic bowls, they are less likely to move or tip.

The type of food being served will also be a determining factor of what type of bowl is best.

Wet food: is best served in a flat, shallow bowl to give your cat eaiser access to eat every bite.

Dry food: is best in a deep bowl which will hold enough for multiple small meals. A deep bowl with high sides will also prevent kibble from spilling over the edge.

There are also self-feeders for dry kibble that, although convenient, can cause feeding issues. With self-feeders all you do is fill the large dispenser and kitty can eat for a week or more. However, presented with a seemingly unending supply of food may cause some cats to overeat. Not all can regulate their food consumption to healthy levels. For those types of kitties, if the food is there, they will eat it and this is surely to lead to obesity.

Portion controled self-feeders are another available option. With this type of feeder, a select portion of food is dispensed at predetermined times throughout the day. Although this will prevent kitty from overeating it may have the opposite effect. Since some cats are frightened by the sound and movement of the feeder causing them to refuse to eat at all.

Sometimes it is necessary to try many types of food dishes before finding one your cat likes best. Does your cat have a favorite food bowl?

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15 thoughts on “Cat Dishes – Choosing The Best Food Bowls

  1. You have a beautiful cat! I use plastic bowls for the dry food but better bowls for the wet food and the water. I might invest in a few more good bowls for my baby, who isn’t much of a baby because she just had her fifteenth birthday!

  2. We’ve got a hodgepodge of ceramic and stainless steel dishes around here. Though for my gang, I believe they would eat off of anything… MOL! They are food obsessed for sure!!!

  3. You’re killing me!! I’ve adopted to cats who have to stay for another 2 weeks at the shelter due to medical treatment. I’m a cat newbie, so I’m using this time to prepare for my new roommates. I’m spending hours, maybe even days, on reading about cat food and behavior, and hope they’ll approve what I’ve chosen for them.

    I haven’t spent a thought on the food bowls though! I have been looking forward to ordering the food, so I’d be done with the “thinking about the best food drama”. Seems like I’ve to spend some brain cells on the bowls as well. My strategy was to use regular bowls from my kitchen locker, glass or ceramic. I don’t know a lot about cats, so I’m just going with my gut: I regarded plastic as a bad alternative. Glas / Ceramic felt like easier to clean and more reliable. Seems like I got that right!

    A2Z challenge. Participant number 1421

    • Very exciting! I’m sure your counting the days until your kitties will be going home. 🙂 After I found the right food, and food bowl, for my cats it made a huge difference in their health.

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