Celebrity Cats…Who is Your Favorite?

Many of my favorite celebrities are feline. Cats have a wonderfully subtle, dry sense of humor that is timeless. From movies, television, and comic strips these celebrity cats have come into the spotlight and stayed in the hearts of many.

It will probably not be much of a surprise to hear that my favorite celebrity cat is Marie from Disney’s Aristocats. She’s cute, classy…and we share the same name. I have even had the pleasure of meeting her personally:

Marie & Marie

Here is my top picks for my favorite celebrity cats:

Garfield: No one says no to Garfield, he always gets to eat his lasagna – the whole pan of it. He always lets Odie know who’s in charge and is so subtle with the comebacks Jon never knows he has just been outsmarted by a cat.

Hobbs: Calvin’s best friend. He’s always there when he needs him and always has his back. Dogs are not the only loyal best friends.

Cat in The Hat: He definitely wins my vote for the most fun, most creative rhymes, and best fashion accessory.

Cheshire Cat: The big, pink, disappearing kitty from Disney’s Alice and Wonderland. He’s wonderfully mysterious as most cats are know to be.

Felix: Simple and classic. From his beginnings as a silent movie star over 80 years ago, his career spans every genre of entertainment including film, print, and television. He even has is own theme song!

These are just a sampling of many entertaining famous felines. Who are your favorites?

This is part of the Blogging From A-Z Challenge.  A new letter, and a new post, for every day in April!

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