Bach, Beethoven, and Other Ways To Calm Your Cat

sleeping tiger

When you see a cat, curled up sleeping or happily purring, it’s hard to imagine that they can suffer from stress. Cat’s do what they want, when they want, and when they are forced to change their daily routine the result is a stressed kitty. Situations that can cause your cat stress include:

  • Relocating to a new home
  • New addition to the family
  • Car rides or other means of transportation
  • Loud noises including fireworks and thunderstorms
  • Change of litter box location or new type of litter

If your cat is faced with any of these situations, and you notice a drastic change in their behavior, it could mean that your cat is feeling stressed. There are ways to help kitty through these stressful times.

Play soothing music: Soft, classical music, has been shown to calm cats during stressful or anxiety provoking times. Is kitty scared and hiding? Perhaps some Bach or Beethoven, softly playing in the room, will help calm their fears.

Provide a soft, cozy environment: Cats like soft, fuzzy, surfaces and when they come in contact with onViolet-Kitty Comfort Mate will gently knead it with their paws and purr. This is a calming activity for your cat that will be sure to also be stress reducing.

Spray or Diffuse Feliway: When you spray or diffuse Feliway it releases a scent that signals to cats that their environment is safe and secure. It can help with cat stress relief in many situations including travel and relocating.

Does your cat ever seem stressed? What are some ways you help them to calm their nerves?

This post is part of the Blogging From A-Z Challenge. A new letter, and a new post, for every day in April!

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9 thoughts on “Bach, Beethoven, and Other Ways To Calm Your Cat

  1. Hello! We have a nervous cat, but luckily she has calmed down over time. She is very sweet. I also have a gorgeous assistance dog… she isn’t too keen on her, but has also learned to live with her! We fed Milla the cat upstairs when the dog arrived, and made sure the dog couldn’t get up there, so she had a place to go and feel safe, her litter was up there too. I am also doing the A-z – amazing animals!

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