Fish Oil For Cats – Supplement for Added Nutrition and Health Benefits

Daily supplements are a great way to give your cat added nutrition. However, Cutie Kittyattempting to feed a daily, chewable pill is often difficult. Cats are notorious for refusing to take a daily supplement or to try something new. Adding fish oil to their daily meal will provide your cat with all the wonderful benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids with a taste they will love.

Why supplement with fish oil?

Supplementing your cat’s diet with quality fish oil benefits their skin, coat, brain, heart, eyes, and joints. You may notice white flecks on your cat’s back or seen them in the fur when brushing. This means your cat’s skin is dry and flakey – a condition that will be remedied by a daily fish oil supplement. Omega -3 fatty acids help keep the coat shiny and will help deter shedding.

Joint issues are often an issue for older cats, a problem that can be avoided, or delayed, with a daily dose. Fish oil supports and provides the building blocks for cell growth are beneficial during all stages of your cat’s life. They also help and support the immune system.

How do I choose the best fish oil for my cat?

For fish oil to be safe and effective for your pet it’s essential that the one you feed is purified. Unpurified fish oil could contain environmental contaminants that are detrimental to your pet’s health so it’s important that you know for sure what is in the brand you are feeding.

Sealogix Fish Oil Supplement for Pets

Sealogix Fish Oil Supplement for Pets

Sealogix Omega-3 Ultra-Pure Fish Oil supplements are a great choice. Their product is made in the same facility that manufactures their line of fish oil supplements for humans. Every batch is backed by their assurance of quality and to further ease your mind the results are posted and readily available.

Sealogix fish oil comes in liquid form that can easily be dispensed in your kitty’s food. There are no added flavorings so the natural flavor that cat’s love is attractive and inviting.

Visit to learn more about Sealogix fish oil supplements for cats and detailed information on the wonderful health benefits it has. Good food and excellent nutrition is important to keep your cat happy and healthy through all your their life stages.



16 thoughts on “Fish Oil For Cats – Supplement for Added Nutrition and Health Benefits

  1. This looks like a great supplement! It can be hard to know the quality of supplements that are sold for pets, but if they are made alongside human ones, that’s great! I am all about natural healing. I will be checking out what this company has.

  2. Fish oil is such a great thing for cats, dog, and humans alike. It really helps keep my pups’ coats’ in good condition.

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