4 Rules To For A Better Behaved Cat

I often hear “Cat’s are not trainable” – this is a myth. True, cats like to do whatever they want and never seem to show remorse or feel guilt. Unlike dogs, they usually don’t respond well to treats. If you don’t want your kitty walking on the kitchen counters, scratching up the furniture, or other similar naughty activity here are some things that will help:

Be Consistent: No is no. If you don’t want kitty sitting on the paperwork on your desk, or the keyboard of your computer, these surfaces have to be off-limits all the time. Every time your cat jumps up to somewhere you don’t want them to be, take them off; tell them NO. Be firm and consistent because once they establish a place as theirs, changing the behavior will be even more difficult.

Make The Place Uninviting: Cats like accessible, comfortable, and inviting places and once they realize a place doesn’t meet this criteria they will go elsewhere. Does your cat continually jump on the kitchen counter? First, make sure the area is not easily accessible. Is there a chair or table nearby that gives them easy access? Eliminating the access point is the first step. Second, make the counter uninviting – some suggestions would be to wet the counter with enough water that will wet kitty’s paws when they jump up. Temporarily putting down double stick tape will also help since the sticky feel will quickly tell them that this is not a place they want to be.

Provide Places to Scratch: Cats need to scratch and will often choose Violet scratchingfurniture to do so. To prevent this, be sure to provide acceptable areas. There are many different types of scratchers available. Find the type your kitty likes best and be sure there is one available in multiple areas of the home. For more information about cat scratching issues please visit Cats Need to Scratch – How To Protect Your Home and Keep Kitty Happy.

Cats Need Toys: If acceptable toys are not provided cats, especially kittens, will find their own. My cat Violet loves to play with socks and will get to them any way she can. This has resulted in many missing socks. Now, besides doing my best to make my socks inaccessible to her, I always make sure there are some of her favorite toys (she also loves pompoms) spread around the house for her to find.

Cat’s definitely like to push the boundaries! I can often tell when Violet has been naughty even before I have seen what she did. This is Violet’s guilty look:

DSCN0072 - Copy

It’s often hard to get upset…


11 thoughts on “4 Rules To For A Better Behaved Cat

  1. Sounds easy, but my cat bro Bert is unstoppable. Mom has had so many cats over the years and he is like no other. No toys as he eats them, he chews electric cords, eats shoelaces, jumps on the table during a meal to steal hot food. Mom has soaked him with water, tried tape, nothing stops him. We lock him up if we need some peace. It is a shame as he is a nice guy, but crazy!

  2. I don’t have a cat anymore, but we had one growing up and I miss her dearly. My dad should read this post – he was absolutely clueless when it came to kitty behavior. He didn’t like the fact that she would open up our closet and snuggle up in between all the warm, cozy towels every day. He decided to use a piece of tin foil and place it over the towels.. Well yeah she just knocked it right down lol.

  3. Parker likes to go to the top of the fridge, where there is a box. The only problem is that the easiest way to get there is the stove, which is sometimes hot, especially when I’m standing around in the kitchen.

  4. You are absolutely right – cats are trainable, but they aren’t trained in the same ways a dog is trained. In my experience, treats do work, but they have to be given the moment your cat does whatever you WANT them to do. I really like that you mentioned giving the cats appropriate places to scratch and appropriate toys to play with. A kitty has to have some fun 🙂

  5. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but giggle about the guilty look because I know EXACTLY what you mean. My Lucie gives me that challenging ‘Yes, I was bad but you love me, right? You better love me!”

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