Interesting Ways Cats Show Their Love and Appreciation

From a human’s point of view cats often appear distant and disinterested. You prepare them a delicious meal and the take one lick and walk away. Call them for some playtime or company on the couch? They often will not respond. Giving kisses? Don’t even think about it! This behavior does not mean your cat does not love you, they just show their love and appreciation differently than you may expect.

Does kitty come and rub their face and neck around your ankles when you least expect it? When cats rub their face against you they are saying “I love you”. Rubbing releases their scent on any surface they touch so they do this to mark things as their own. When a cat leaves their scent on you they are saying “your’re mine” which, in the feline world, is an expression of love.

kitty stretchWhen your cat jumps up on your lap, or that of a friend or family member, do they turn around and present their butt? Don’t be offended, this is their way of saying hello. In the feline world, when cats get together, and decide they like each other, they will present their rear as a friendly hello. Their way of saying “Id like to get to know you better”.

Similarly, you will often find that if you scratch your cat on the back or sides of their neck they will crouch down on their front legs leaving their rear in the air. This is their way of saying “thank you” for the attention they are getting.

Another gesture of appreciation comes in the way of “gifts”. If your cat goes outdoors and returns with a dead bird or mouse that they drop at your feet, your first thought might not be to say thank you. However, to your cat this is the ultimate gift, the utmost gesture of gratitude. So, as hard as it may be, be happy for what they brought you and know it was delivered with only the best intentions.

Have you ever had a gentle tap from a kitty paw? These no-claw taps are a way of kitty saying “I want to play” or “I want some attention!”. Since cats will only interact with those they like, these gentle taps are a sure sign of affection.

The one behavior that I love most – kneading paws. Especially when they are accompanied by loud purring. Kittens with knead their paws on the mother’s belly at a very young age, so when your cat does this they are happy and possibly remembering their kittenhood. That always makes me happy as I see it as a smile from my loving feline.

What unique thing does your cat do to show you their love and appreciation?


6 thoughts on “Interesting Ways Cats Show Their Love and Appreciation

  1. Cody ALWAYS has to “hold hands” when we watch TV. He sits next to me and puts his paw on my hand, often he lets me hold his paw and rub it while we are watching our favorite shows. Cody is a super affectionate cat. He DOES come when called, he loves to wrap himself around my neck like a furry boa. He “rubs noses”, etc. He has been a cuddle bug since the day I adopted him when he was 10 wks old.

  2. I’ve been lucky in that all of my kitties are really affectionate, particularly Delilah and Sampson. Sampson’s favorite way to show his love is by suckling my neck. Any bare skin will do, but the neck is his favorite. It is always accompanied by purring and kneading paws too 🙂

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