Celebrating Pet Safety Month – Keeping Indoor Cats Safely Indoors

Pet Safety BadgeJuly is pet safety month!

Curious kitties can often find themselves in dangerous situations and as pet parents it’s our job to keep them safe. Keeping cats indoors is an important safety measure, especially in city, suburban, or other high traffic areas that have little space for them to roam safely.  However, cats being curious creatures they are often looking to sneak out an open door to explore the great unknown. How do you keep your indoor cats safe and…indoors?

Cats love to sit and watch all the activity that goes on out side. Make sure they have a view to the world from a window or door. If its a door it should not be the door that is used most often so you Tiger at the Doorwon’t be surprised to find them sitting in front when someone enters.

A perch in front of window is a great spot and kitty will not only get to climb but will have a reward when they reach the top.  If the window or door is open, make sure there are screens that are closed securely.

Since I never know if there will be a kitty in front of the door when I arrive I always crack the door open a little before entering to see if there will be a face peeking out at me. When leaving a house I always back out to be sure  no one follows out behind me.

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, kitty may get out.  A collar tag or microchip should be worn for this reason. Always be sure the information it contains is up-to-date. Also, it is important that their vaccinations are current. This might not be an issue if they stay indoors but if they escape unexpectedly it becomes a health issue.

If kitty does run out, don’t panic. Grab some treats , some catnip, or their favorite toy and calmly go out after them. Call their name but don’t yell or make any loud noises that would frighten them to run or hide. Have the treats or toy ready to entice them to come to you. Acting quickly is the best step to getting your cat safely back inside.

Enjoy a wonderful and safe July!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Pet Safety Month – Keeping Indoor Cats Safely Indoors

  1. All great tips! All 5 of mine are indoors. We have had one scare when Sampson got out one time. He freaked out, I freaked out, and it was a disaster. Luckily he got himself cornered in the neighbors fenced in back yard and I was able to catch him. One of the most stressful 10 minutes of my life! MOL! It probably wouldn’t have been as bad if I had stayed calm because I know I was only making the situation worse.

    • My cat Tiger ran out once. I was able to catch him with the help of some treats. He can never resist a snack! But I was in quite a panic until he was back inside. It is probably best to stay calm in these situations but it’s not easy, actually near impossible 🙂

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