Give Your Indoor Cat A Taste of The Wild


Open the shades and and let the show begin. Nothing gets the cats to come running like an open view to the outside world. Even indoor kitties can enjoy the outdoors:

A sunny window: Cats love to feel the warmth of the sun on their fur. Make sure kitty’s world has natural light and a view to the outdoors.

A perch with a view: Cats love to be up high in a place all their own. A perch In a sunny window is ideal especially if it overlooks trees where they can watch the birds.

Indoors but almost outdoors: A screened in porch or patio will allow kitty to have the feeling of being outdoors while in a secure environment. They will be able to feel the breeze all around them and enjoy all the outdoor noises they miss behind a closed door or window.

Go for a walk: Cats can learn to enjoy a walk outside. Be sure to get a leash and harness that is especially made for cats . Leash and harness them up (never walk a cat with a leash attached to a collar) and practice indoors before venturing outside for the first time. Then you’ll be ready to go! Once on the leash let kitty lead with you following along, keeping them out of harms way.

 Bring some of the outside, in: Give your cat a taste of the wild with foliage just for them.  Grow an indoor garden of cat grass and catnip for your cat to enjoy.

A change of scenery will keep your cat happy and reduce boredom and stress. Remember, if your cat does go outside be sure they are fully vaccinated and protected with flea and tick preventative.



7 thoughts on “Give Your Indoor Cat A Taste of The Wild

  1. Great tips! We have a big sliding glass door that looks out onto the back yard – a BIG GIANT CAT TV!!! We all sit lined up in front of it, either watching or sunbathing. It is purrfect. We also have a window with a large window sill that looks onto the front yard – another purrfect spot. Mom has a couple of leashes and harnesses for us, but the only one who really likes going outside is Sophie. The rest of us are too scared…

  2. And don’t forget the collar tag with their name, address and phone number. We think it’s a good thing to have even if you are an inside cat, just in case you get the wild idea to dart out the door. We have a huge catio where we spend about 12 hours each day if we want to. We love it and the humans don’t have to worry about us. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. Panky: DaMa usta take me out fur walks in da yard. I lernt how to walk on a harness. Now dat da bratty brofur Troyer here, we not walk in yard. We liek to sit by da front door when it open or in one of da many window.
    Panfur Purrs

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