How To Help Your Cat Accept Change

Cats are “creatures of habit” and most don’t readily accept change. Any upset to their surroundings or daily routine and they are ready to express their discontent. Change is inevitable but we can help our furry feline friends through with some thought and a little creativity.

Something as simple as changing your kitty’s brand of food can be met with a cold shoulder. Whether it be a change in the size of the kibble, it’s shape, smell, or how it sounds when it pours out of the bag your cat knows something is different. To avoid stress and frustration, when changing your cat’s food it is best to do it gradually. Begin with filling 1/4 of the bowl with the new food and the balance with their current brand. Over a period of about a week slowly increase the amount of the new brand of food until that is the only one in the bowl. Kitty will never realize what happened!

kitty!Moving to a new home can be very stressful for a cat. They don’t care that they have more space or more windows or more sun – cats don’t notice these things.  All they see is that things are different and their daily routine cannot be the same. To help with the transition be sure to bring a favorite toy, blanket, bed – anything that has the feel and smell of their old place. Allow this item to be transferred with kitty in their carrier and, once in the new home, open their carrier and let them venture out and explore their new surroundings in their own time.  This will give them time to adjust on their terms.

Introducing a new pet into your home? There is a good chance kitty won’t be happy. But, if they are allowed to be the one in charge things will go a lot smoother. First, keep their new friend contained to a crate, carrier, or leash and allow kitty to approach and investigate on safe ground.  There may be hissing, barking, growling at first but let them become familiar with each other, safely, in their own way. Once all is calm, gradually reduce the boundaries until they are comfortable with each other. Until all is calm, never leave them together unattended.

In most unfamiliar situations cats will be quick to show their dislike. Just know that, with a little bit of help, they will come around when they decide they are ready. For ways to help your cat deal with the stress change can bring please read 3 Ways To Help Your Cat Deal With Stress.


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