Does Your Cat Like To Help Around The House?

Most cat’s feel their job is to warm the lap of anyone who sits down. Many also seem to believe that whatever job someone is doing, they can do it better. Violet is one of those kitties – always there to lead a helping…paw to every task.


She is an expert when it comes to computers. Of course she knows it’s often best to sit on top of the keyboard and will always get the mouse for me. And that little arrow that is always jumping around on the screen? Not to worry, Violet is always there to get it.

DSCN0039Did someone say it’s time to clean? Violet’s favorite cleaning job is the bathtub. Who else is going to pounce on the water as it goes down the drain?

She is also an expert at laundry, especially when it comes to putting the clothes away. Cute Kitty

What are some ways your cats like to help you with work around the house?


4 thoughts on “Does Your Cat Like To Help Around The House?

  1. Lol too cute! My cat Oscar loves to attack the vacuum cleaner when it’s in action. He claims that he’s doing it for “quality control” 😛

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