Ways Your Cat Shows They Love You

Is your kitty is always there, ready to curl up next to you whenever you sit down to relax? This is one way your cat will say “I love you”. Cats communicate their love in many ways, sometime in ways you would not expect.

kitty on stepsThey rub around your legs: When your kitty rubs around your legs they are saying “You’re mine”. Cats rub their head and neck on you to leave their scent.  This tells other cats that this you belong to them.

They always seem to know when you are sad. Having a bad day? Your cat knows and will be the first to jump on your lap or sit and purr by your side.  Their way of saying that they care and want you to feel better. Since petting a cat is known to be a natural stress reliever it won’t be long before your day begins to improve. Cats seem to always know when things are not right and want to make them better.

A cat’s purr has has healing properties. Many believe a cat’s purr can cure illnesses and help aches and pains. When your cat knows you are not well they will come and sit on the affected area and purr, which will help you heal.

They make you smile. How can you not help but smile when you see a happy cat playing or peacefully sleeping in their favorite spot.

Come home after a long day and they are there. Ready to relax and spend some quiet time together or to quietly listen to whatever it is you have to say.

Today these will be all they ways they say “Happy Valentines Day”!


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