5 Ways To Help Your Cat Be More Social

Many cats shy away from social interactions. Promoting social activities from kittenhood will give your kiity a best foundation for sociability through out their life. However, cats can be social beginning at any age. If you would like your kitty to spend more time with family, friends, and visiting guests, making some small changes can help.

Tiger Relaxing

Keep the food and water bowl out in the open: Meal time will become social time if kitty doesn’t eat alone. Having the food and water bowl in a area where there is activity gives a reason for coming out to visit. It also makes social time an enjoyable experience.

Reinforce social behavior with treats: Between meal times, encourage kitty to come out and visit for snack time. When someone is visiting get out the treats for kitty to enjoy and encourage kitty to join the party!

Create a warm, inviting spot: If you want kitty to frequent a specific area, make an inviting, cozy spot in that room. Kitty will welcome a perch in a sunny window or a designated kitty spot, complete with cozy mat or blanket, on their favorite chair. They will view that spot as their place and when there is activity in that room they will want to stat and enjoy the company.

violet-cat tamerFeed healthy food: The food your cat eats is essential to their health and well being. Foods with a quality protein source will give your cat the energy to play and socialize.  If your cat does not feel their best they will be less likely to want to socialize. Be sure to always have a water bowl accessible.

Get out the toys: Encourage play with a variety of toys. Cat tamers are always a fun way for you or others to interact with kitty. Play with your cat on a regular basis and it will be easier for them to accept others into their playtime as well.

Over time you will see the change – a once shy kitty will soon be happy to visit and socialize.


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