My Cat Had an Eating Disorder

When family and friends began to comment that “Tiger’s head was always in the bowl” I knew we had a problem. Tiger, a large male tabby, always loved his food but over time he seemed to love it a little too much. He DSCN0028steadily gained weight and he would spend his days either sleeping or eating. Then the real trouble began.

Tiger appeared to have developed a type of feline bulemia. Yes, he would eat, purge, and head back to the bowl for more. This cycle would occur 2 – 3 times a day.  He was miserable and so was I.

If his bowl was empty he would cry for food, pace around in the kitchen, and try to paw his way into the food cabinet. Why was he so “hungry”? Suspecting it was what he was eating I began researching pet food. What I found out horrified me. I had been feeding Tiger “kitty junk food”, food laced with fillers and additives that, when ingested, signal a fake hunger and desire to eat more even when not hungry.

DSCN0090I set out to find the best food for Tiger and he tried many. Then I learned about Life’s Abundance. Initially I was impressed by the fact that their food is made in the US and has never had a recall. After I read that it is shipped fresh and contains a list of healthy ingredients with no fillers, I made the switch.

Since Tiger has been eating Life’s Abundance I see a complete change in his health and eating habits. He consumes less, does not cry for food, and no longer has the signs of his previous eating disorder. So much happier, he is playful and more active.

My experience with Tiger has led me to become an Independent Field Representative for Life’s Abundance.  I highly recommend visiting my Replicator site to learn more their wonderful pet food and products.There is a short video on the site that is very enlightening and informative.

Never again will I feed my pets “junk food” as I have learned that what they eat is the basis of a happy, healthy life.


One thought on “My Cat Had an Eating Disorder

  1. Wow, that is a scary story! It had to be really hard not know what was wrong. I’m so glad to hear that you have found a healthy solution to your cat’s problem. It is horrible that pet food companies add all of that junk in attempt to turn a profit (human food companies do it too).

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