Keeping Your Cat Safe and Happy During Summer Parties and Celebrations

Summer parties and bar-b-ques are a staple of summer fun. But large gatherings with a lot of activity and unfamiliar people can be both unsettling and dangerous for your cats. With their routine disrupted, your kitty may become aggressive or act in ways that are uncharacteristic to their usual behavior. A little advanced planning can make summer celebrations fun for both your guests and your furry friends.

KittiesMy kitty Violet can be a little too friendly.  She sees anyone who visits her house as a lap to climb on.  Her brother Tiger is the exact opposite. He likes his space and when over enthusiastic guests get too friendly for his liking, or dare to try and pick him up, he may react with a swat of his paw.

To avoid awkward interactions, sometimes it’s best to house the kitties in a separate area where they can be comfortable for the duration of the party. Supplied with, food, water, access to a litter box, and preferably a sunny window, they will be more content there than mingling with the crowd.  This area will also keep kitty save as it will prevent accidental escape out an open door during all the coming and going.

Will any of the party guests be bringing along a furry friend? Surprise meetings between cats, dogs, and other pets rarely goes well. If a friend’s pet will be joining them at the party, help to make the visit go smoothly by arranging for them to meet beforehand in a calm environment.

Beware of party decorations that can be dangerous for your cat.  If your celebration includes balloons and curling ribbon be sure to keep both of these items far from reach as they both pose a choking hazard. Popular party foods can be toxic to cats as well including: Onions (watch the onion dip), Caffeine (coffee, soda, etc.), Alcohol, Grapes, and Chocolate. Be sure to keep these foods well out of kitty’s reach before, during, and after the party.

Your cat may enjoy being a part of small gatherings, especially with people they know well.  For larger celebrations they may prefer a quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle of the party. Either way, making small adjustments can be a big help with keeping kitty safe and happy.


2 thoughts on “Keeping Your Cat Safe and Happy During Summer Parties and Celebrations

  1. A timely post, Marie, with tomorrow being the 4th of July. One thing you didn’t mention is fireworks. The noise will scare the kitty. I saw in Petco that they sell kitty treats made out of camomile, tryptophan, and melatonin to calm the cat when you think they might stress out. I haven’t tried them yet, but thought I would mention it. If not, just let the kitty run under the bed for the 20 minutes of the fireworks and don’t attempt to get her out until it is over or you might be given an unwanted souvenir!

  2. Thank you Beverly. That is a great addition to my post. I wrote an entry in my dog blog about calming dogs during the noise of fireworks and thunderstorms but I should have included similar information here as well since cats can also be affected by the noise. I have heard the Thundershirt is very effective for calming dogs and that it is now available for cats too.

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