Everyday Household Items That Make Great Cat Toys

Over a year old and my kitty Violet still loves to play. To her everything is a toy and nothing is more fun then exploring new and exciting places. Keeping her happy, occupied (and out of trouble!) is not an easy task as she needs a constant supply of toys and places to climb.  Fortunately, Violet is not picky when it comes to her playthings. No need to purchase expensive, innovative cat toys. Everyday household items cam amuse her for hours and there are many that make wonderful toys. What are Violet’s favorites?

Hair ties

DSCN0152Violet can spend house having fun and getting great exercise with a single band. They are sturdy to withstand rough play, are large enough to not be a choking hazard, and do not roll underneath furniture. One package is a long-time supply if they are bought solely for her, but she doesn’t mind using recycled ones that are stretched out and no longer usable as their original purpose.

Paper Bags

IMG_0846Grocery size paper bags are both a great toy and hiding spot. Cats love the crunching sound the paper makes when they jump on it and they are the perfect sized hiding spot for most kitties. Violet loves the game of hiding in the bag and then jumping out at unsuspecting prey.

Paper Balls

Never underestimate the fun a rolled up piece of paper can be. Scrunch it up, give it a throw and kitty will be fascinated by its sounds and movement. Once it starts to tear it can easily be replaced with another.

Cats can be very creative and will find many household items to use as toys. Be sure to keep attractive, dangerous items out of kitties reach, including: Window shade strings, rubber bands, plastic bags and curling ribbon, just to name a few.  What items has your cat recycled into toys?


4 thoughts on “Everyday Household Items That Make Great Cat Toys

  1. Those are great tips but there is one super important point on the paper bags. Be sure that ANY handles are cut off BEFORE the cat plays with them. They are a possible strangling hazard.
    Someone laughed at me when I left the same comment on their blog, then a few days later she wrote a blog post saying that I was right…….she had intervened (luckily) when her cat’s head became caught in the handle of a paper bag.

  2. We will play with bottle caps. bag ties, pens, pencils and just about anything else that isn’t tied down. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

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