Do Cat’s Get Lonely?

With their independent ways, it’s often difficult to tell what your kitty is feeling. You may worry all day that your cat misses your but then, as soon as you walk in the door, kitty gives a less than enthusiastic greeting and then disappears to places unknown. The kitty cold shoulder. Then there are times when they appear overly needy, insisting on sitting on your lap while you attempt to enjoy a meal or sitting on the keyboard of the computer as you try to get some work done. Does this behavior mean your cat is lonely?


Cats enjoy and thrive on familiarity and routine. They find comfort sitting in their favorite sunny window (not just any window will do!), like their food bowl to be full at their usual meal times, and want their people with them at times they expect. If kitty is accustomed to having you home all day, leave them alone longer than usual and you may come home to an annoyed kitty who may ignore you for a while.

DSCN0029If changes in your daily routine leaves your cat alone for long stretches of time they may communicate their unhappiness through destructive behavior. If their usual routine usually consists of companionship and social stimulation on a regular basis, this behavior could be a result of your cat’s feelings of loneliness or boredom  Lone cats left by themselves for hours a day could benefit from the company of another kitty. Cats in multiple cat households can often be found sharing their favorite spots, toys, and even the food bowl. However, this introduction should be done gradually as an addition may initially be viewed as an unwelcomed change.

Whether you have a lone feline friend, or a multiple cat family, your kitty will thrive with a consistent daily routine, social and mental stimulation, and lots of love and attention.


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