Beware of Plastic Bags – A Real Danger For Your Cat

Maybe it’s the texture, the smell, or the crackling/crunchy sound they make when moved but cats love plastic bags. My kitty Violet is attracted to them like a magnet.  As soon as she spots one she is there, pouncing, scratching, and licking it as she attempts to crawl inside.  To her it’s an exciting play toy but plastic bags can pose a real danger to a  cat.

The “t-shirt” style grocery bags are especially dangerous. As kitty wrestles with the bag the handles can easily get wrapped around their neck, a possibly deadly situation. If kitty is successful with crawling inside the bag they could easily become trapped, especially if the handles get wrapped around their legs behind them. This is a real suffocation hazard.

Some cats love the smell, texture, (and taste?) of plastic and will lick the bags. Not only are there toxic chemicals in the plastic that may be harmful, the constant licking with their rough tongue often causes the plastic to tear.  Once it tears they could easily swallow small pieces of the bag, a possible choking hazard. Once ingested, the pieces of plastic could cause stomach upset or intestinal blockage.IMG_0842

It’s best to keep the plastic bags far from your cats reach and provide them with a paper bag instead. Grocery size paper bags make a great toy as the sound of the paper crunch is an equally appealing sound to cats and paper bags will provide a cozy place for kitty to crawl inside to hide. If they were to bite off and swallow pieces of the paper it would not be harmful. A safe and fun place for kitty to play!.


4 thoughts on “Beware of Plastic Bags – A Real Danger For Your Cat

  1. That was an excellent blog post…thank you for sharing! I didn’t realize that cats were actually trying to eat the bags/wrappers because of ingredients that make up the plastic (very interesting!).

  2. my cat Nikki he been coke with plastic bag handles one time I put them aside where he can’t get them he goes brown paper bags or gift bags I love my cat

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