Is Your Cat Addicted to Dry Food? The Effects of the Poor Nutrition of Dry Cat Food.

Cats are very self sufficient and even have the ability to determine how much food they need to stay fit and healthy. However, since today’s processed dry cat food is not what cat would naturally eat, the fillers, additives and chemicals have tampered with their body’s natural instincts.


Carbohydrates, salt, sugar, chemicals, and flavorings are added to make dry processed cat food more palatable, When consumed by kitty, these additives have an addictive effect, much in the same way that it is difficult to eat just one potato chip or one sweet, delicious cookie.  Since the food is nutritionally lacking, cats will instinctively eat more, their body’s response to the need of a complete, balanced diet.

The result of this unnatural cycle of events is obesity, diabetes, kidney disorders, and other ailments. What is a concerned pet parent to do?

Read Food Labels

Choose wisely when selecting your cat’s food and read the ingredient list carefully. Beware of food that includes:

  • Animal by-products
  • Animal digest
  • Excess carbohydrates
  • Corn (a filler)
  • Chemical preservatives
  • Artificial colors

Keep Kitty Active

Provide plenty of opportunities for activity.  Cats love to climb and explore high places. Window perches and cat trees provide great opportunities for fun and activity.  Kittens especially love balls, pompoms, and other small toys.  Engage your cat in a game of “chase the light” with a flashlight or cat laser toy for a fun and energetic chase.

Feed With Portion Control

If you find your kitty is emptying the food bowl too quickly, provide smaller portions of food throughout the day.  Feed a combination of wet and dry food for nutritionally balanced meals with a variety of tastes and textures.

With good food choices, opportunity for exercise, and daily food monitoring, kitty will be happier, healthier and spend less time at the food bowl.


3 thoughts on “Is Your Cat Addicted to Dry Food? The Effects of the Poor Nutrition of Dry Cat Food.

  1. I would add that the treats you give your kitty also need to be closely scrutinized. Healthy treats such as US sourced “from the farm” single protein, nothing added treats from Whole Life Pet Treats (my cats adore the cod), can be worked in as part of a healthy diet, used to strengthen your bond with kitty, to tempt an off appetite etc.

    • Yes, the quality of their treats is equally important! Depending on the quality of the ingredients, treats can either play a positive role in your cat’s diet or sabotage their health,

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