The Message In The Meow – What Is Your Cat Trying To Tell You?

Cats can be very vocal, but what is the message behind their meow? Through tone, pitch, volume, and body language, kitty can communicate very effectively.  Here is some help to translate what your cat may be trying to tell you.

Repetitive meows are heard when your cat wants to be noticed.  These are the types of meows you will hear when they are looking for some type of response such as food at mealtimes or a scratch under the chin.  When communicating with these meows kitty will probably be rubbing around your legs, stretching up to the counter, or doing some other activity to catch your attention.

Angry meows have a howling sound with a bit of a growl. Usually combined with a fat tail and standing back hair, it’s best to leave kitty alone when you hear and see this. This is the sound of male cats defending their territory or possibly two unfamiliar cats meeting for the first time.

High pitched meows that are sharp and shrill are spoken in reaction to something frightening or painful.  Startle an  unsuspecting cat and this will be the resulting meow combined with a fat tail and possibly an arched back. The sound is short, loud, and high pitched like a scream.  Not a sound you want to hear from your kitty.

The best type of meows are those combined with purrs. With these your cat is telling you that they are happy and all is well. Tail relaxed, body calm…this is the sign of a contented cat.


10 thoughts on “The Message In The Meow – What Is Your Cat Trying To Tell You?

  1. Hi
    We just saw your blog link on BlogPaws and wanted to come by to say hello!
    …oh if we could sneak inside the minds of our kitties to know exactly what they’re thinking with those meow’s. !!
    : )

    • Thank you Marie! My cat Tiger knows how to get attention with his meows. When he wants attention and some scratches under his chin, they are loud and happy, almost as if he is singing. But when he is hungry his meows sound sad. He is very good at communicating!

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